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Utilizing the naturally occuring health benefits of cannabis, Surterra Therapeutic products are built to bring relief to you and your loved ones suffering from numerous medical conditions.

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  • Can Medical Cannabis Help People with Parkinson’s Disease?

    Further, cannabis therapy has the added benefit of addressing not just the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s but potentially also the side-effects of pharmaceutical treatments, in addition to many of the non-motor symptoms, including sleep issues, depression and anxiety, and pain, and may even slow the progression of this devastating degenerative disease.

    The Truth Behind the Indica and Sativa Debate

    Cannabis is one of the most controversial plants in the world, and the taxonomical definition of species is therefore highly contentious.  Many dispensaries differentiate products into two separate species, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, as a shorthand way of conveying their therapeutic potential.

    Can Medical Cannabis Treat Alzheimer’s?

    Alzheimer’s is a complex and difficult disease for both patient and caregiver, and, despite numerous obstacles to research, recent medical cannabis studies are showing new promise for improved brain health and relief from this naturally occurring substance.

    How Men Can Take Control of Their Health This Month

    As a proponent of wellness and healthy living, Surterra supports Men’s Health Month throughout June by encouraging men to take action, stay informed and know their options as it relates to alternative medicine for healthier living and natural treatments.

    Transforming the Dispensary Experience: Newsweek Points to Surterra

    Surterra Wellness is a pioneer in changing how people view medical cannabis, with dispensaries styled like niche, high-end offices, an inviting atmosphere supported by helpful and professional staff, and a desire to replace negative perceptions with confidence, comfort and safety.

    Innovative, Refreshing, a Different Kind of Dispensary

    Surterra Wellness Centers are unique and stand out from other dispensaries. Check out the main reasons why our Wellness Centers are cutting edge and designed with our patients in mind.

    Surterra is fighting for patients – NOW YOU CAN FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!

    Surterra has been on the ground in Tallahassee for months now advocating for patients. We have fought for Amendment 2 implementation that makes sense and actually HELPS and GIVES ACCESS to patients.

    Texas Medical Cannabis License Awarded To Surterra Wellness

    Surterra Wellness, the premier vertically-integrated medical cannabis organization dedicated to helping patients find their wellness, is now a fixture in […]

    Can Medical Cannabis Combat Opioid Abuse?

    Medical cannabis has been shown to have many beneficial effects, but can it be used to help people combat opioid addiction? We explore the research and studies that help show medical cannabis could be the solution people are looking for.

    Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat IBS?

    ​IBS is very common and can be difficult manage, but studies show medical cannabis may be the solution for many patients searching for relief from painful gastrointestinal symptoms.

    Medical Cannabis: An Option For Those Living With Multiple Sclerosis

    People living with Multiple Sclerosis are given a life-sentence of pain that debilitates them and takes the activities they used to love away from them. Imagine if the 200 people in U.S. receiving the devastating diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, or MS, were given an alternative for pain?

    Here’s the 411: The Health Effects of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: 4 Findings From the 2017 NASEM Report

    Sifting through all available data, the NASEM drew nearly 100 conclusions that summarize the current state of knowledge of the health effects of cannabis. Here are four main findings!

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