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Supporting Health and Well-Being.

Utilizing the naturally occuring health benefits of cannabis, Surterra products are built to bring relief to you and your loved ones suffering from numerous medical conditions.

Transforming the Dispensary Experience: Newsweek Points to Surterra

Surterra Wellness is a pioneer in changing how people view medical cannabis, with dispensaries styled like niche, high-end offices, an inviting atmosphere supported by helpful and professional staff, and a desire to replace negative perceptions with confidence, comfort and safety.

Surterra is fighting for patients – NOW YOU CAN FIGHT FOR YOURSELF!

Surterra has been on the ground in Tallahassee for months now advocating for patients. We have fought for Amendment 2 implementation that makes sense and actually HELPS and GIVES ACCESS to patients.

Texas Medical Cannabis License Awarded To Surterra Wellness

Surterra Wellness, the premier vertically-integrated medical cannabis organization dedicated to helping patients find their wellness, is now a fixture in […]

Surterra Wellness Center - Tampa

Rising Above the Challenges

Surterra is all about changing the dynamic of the medical cannabis industry, but starting a new company does come with its own challenges. To change minds and transform misunderstanding, we invite everyone to check out our Wellness Center in Tampa.

Medical Cannabis: The Natural, Safe Alternative for Pain Management

​Studies have shown medical cannabis offers similar pain relief, along with additional benefits for patients, without all the side-effects of traditional prescription opioids.

Florida Department of Health Now Issuing Medical Cannabis ID Cards

The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use now requires patients to apply for a Registry ID. Surterra will give a $75 credit to current and new patients to offset the fee and help you through the process.

Florida’s first medical marijuana crop cut up, stored

Florida’s first legal harvest of marijuana is stored in multiple vacuum-packed, 441-gram bags in a freezer on the outskirts of Tallahassee.

Legal medical marijuana hits the market this summer

Surterra products will be available to patients throughout Florida as early as this summer, so you need to start talking to your doctor and establishing your required three-month relationship so they can recommend therapeutic cannabis products to you as soon as they are available.

Hillsborough-grown medical marijuana to hit the market this summer

Surterra is growing therapeutic cannabis in the Tampa area and will have products available this summer. Surterra encourages patients to start talking to their doctor now about getting access to therapeutic cannabis products.

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