A Steady State of Wellness

While some qualifying conditions may respond better to high doses of cannabis, many patients respond well to consistent small doses over time.

We feel our best when all of our body’s systems are working well together. This is known as homeostasis, a term that comes from the Greek words meaning “same” and “steady.” In a biological context, homeostasis describes a living being’s ability to maintain the stable conditions necessary for survival.

In other words, homeostasis is when our bodies are able to monitor, regulate and correct themselves. If your body gets too hot, you sweat. If you’re too cold, you shiver. There are hundreds of involuntary reactions in your body that allow you to maintain homeostasis, often without you being fully aware of what’s happening.

Maintaining this steady state involves your cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, among others. The system that plays one of the most critical roles in homeostasis is the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is made up of a series of receptors that work with cannabinoid molecules to make sure basic functions like digestion, mood, inflammation, sleep, pain, memory, and the immune system are staying in balance. It does so by working with endocannabinoids (which are cannabinoids that occur naturally in your body) as well as cannabinoid molecules like THC and CBD.

Think of it like Goldilocks – your body doesn’t need too much or too little, but an amount that’s just right

When a medical condition causes a cannabinoid deficiency, cannabis treatments can help replace those missing elements. While some conditions may respond better to high doses of cannabinoids, many patients respond well to consistent, small doses (this is anecdotally referred to as microdosing). Think of it like Goldilocks – your body doesn’t need too much or too little, but an amount that’s just right.

To find your optimum dose, first consult your physician. They’ll work with you to determine the best products and the correct dosage. Start with a low dose and slowly adjust the amount over time until you find the “sweet spot” of feeling relief from your symptoms without any extra or unwanted psychoactive effects. When you feel your symptoms start to return, consume a second small dose. Continue this throughout the day to maintain a steady state of wellness.

It may benefit you to start your day with a sublingual or oral product that you’re comfortable with (such as a tincture or Theragel), then replenish your system with small doses of an inhalable product (such as a vape pen). For many patients, the optimal dose falls between 5 – 15 mg of cannabinoids. As always, it’s important to work closely with your physician to make sure you’re consuming safely.

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