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Can Medical Marijuana Patients Lose Their Jobs?

Even though medical marijuana is available in states across the US, many people worry about using medical marijuana and staying employed. It’s a valid concern. Marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States comes with a huge warning sticker. Use at your own risk.

Despite this, more and more states have started protecting their medical marijuana patients with policy. Read up on states that are doing their best to protect medical marijuana users.


The Arizona state legislature prohibits employers, schools and landlords from refusing people due to their status as a medical marijuana cardholder unless it gets in the way of business. The only way that people can be prosecuted for it is if the establishment is put at risk that results in the loss of money or licensing benefits.

Medical marijuana does not disqualify patients from receiving organ transplants or medical care. In addition, parents cannot be denied custody or visitation with minors unless their behavior clearly and convincingly puts the minor in danger.


The Palliative Use of Marijuana Act hits two birds with one stone for Connecticut medical marijuana patients. It legalized medical marijuana use for qualifying patients and prohibited discrimination against them by employers, schools and landlords.


The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program protects medical marijuana patients from being considered unlawful users of narcotics. It also states that medical marijuana patients cannot be subjected to arrest or denied their rights if they work for the state. No school, employer or landlord can penalize a person for his or her status as a registered qualified patient or caregiver.


Massachusetts state law treats cannabis like every other prescription drug. On site use of medical marijuana is still unlawful, but employees who use it off-duty are protected by the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act which states that people diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition cannot be arrested, prosecuted or penalized for their lawful medical marijuana use.


Medical cannabis users in Minnesota have a lot of protection. There, you can’t be fired for testing positive for THC if you present verification of your registration as a medical marijuana patient.

Unfortunately, there are few laws that protect medical marijuana patients in Florida and many other states across the country. Stay up to date with our blog to learn more about how medical marijuana laws grow to best serve patients.