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How Cannabis Drives Dr. Bottaro to Help Others

Medical cannabis not only helped me with my illnesses, but in a huge way helped me become the person I knew I could be and that I knew I wanted to be.

—Dr. Nicholas Bottaro, DO

Dr. Nicholas Bottaro, Medical Director of ParallelDr. Nicholas Bottaro has always wanted to help people.

When he was in middle school, his grandmother suffered a massive heart attack. She survived, thanks to the life-saving efforts of her cardiologists, and went on to live another 25 years. That experience led to his interest in science and medicine, and his eventual career as Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

Years later, Dr. Bottaro watched as his mother suffered through a devastating pancreatic cancer diagnosis. She was prescribed multiple opioid and narcotic painkillers, but nothing seemed to help. When he suggested medical cannabis to her doctors as a potential treatment for her pain, he was laughed out of the room.

His mother lost her battle after eight excruciating months.

That’s when he decided to get involved in medical cannabis. He made a promise that he would “help other families the way mine wasn’t.”

Today he serves as the Medical Director for Surterra Wellness. As a medical professional and passionate patient advocate, Dr. Bottaro supports a holistic and compassionate approach to his patients’ health and wellness. He is also a medical cannabis patient.

“Medical cannabis not only helped me with my illnesses, but in a huge way helped me become the person I knew I could be and that I knew I wanted to be,” he says.

Dr. Bottaro relies on a high-CBD, low-THC formula to help manage his depression and anxiety. This type of product helps treat his symptoms without causing him any psychoactive effects.

When talking about the benefits of medical cannabis, he believes that “It’s not a question of if it’s going to work, but a question of how. There are literally limitless possibilities of what we can do with this medicine and where it’s going to take us.”

Watch the full interview with Dr. Nicholas Bottaro to find out more about his journey with medical cannabis, and how he’s becoming a driving force in changing the lives of cannabis patients everywhere.

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