Medical Marijuana: Sparking Boomers’ Interest

In 2017, Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) doubled their prevalence of marijuana use and became more likely to use it than the teen generation. Quite the feat, seeing as how in the early 2000s, teens were using marijuana at more than four times the rate of Baby Boomers.

Boomerangs’ pivot from pills

So what do you call a Baby Boomer that liked marijuana when they were younger and is now swinging back towards regular use? A Boomerang, of course. The decriminalization of marijuana in the United States has re-ignited the curiosity of the generation that always knew somebody who knew somebody. Some are burnt out from years of taking pills, and others just want to enjoy a great day in the park with their grandkids. But no matter if it is to manage chronic pain, improved quality time with loved ones or the treatment of other conditions, Boomerangs are a natural fit for cannabis consumption.

The new golden age

With lots of fond memories fueling their exploration, many Boomerangs are delighted to learn how the cannabis industry has evolved. From cannabis tinctures for their afternoon tea to cannabis oil vapes to hit from their favorite easy chair, there are plenty of new options for them to try.

Now that there are policies that protect medical marijuana users and a wide variety of intake methods for them to choose from, Baby Boomers are free to find their wellness and get the most out of life with the help of cannabis. If you know a Baby Boomer interested in becoming a Boomerang, encourage them to speak with a physician about medical marijuana. Talking about it with them probably isn’t as scary as you think.