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How Medical Cannabis Helped Marcela Get off Medications

I have been able to ween myself off of medications and my sleep, eating and anxiety disorders are at bay.

—Marcela Paguaga

Marcela PaguagaMy medical cannabis journey began when a friend told me about her journey and results. I suffered from anxiety, an eating disorder and trouble sleeping. If it sounds like a lot to you, you can only imagine how overwhelming it was in my world. My anxiety has been very prevalent since 2015 and my eating disorder has been a lifelong battle. In 2016 I got treatment for both, and at one point I was on almost 9 different medications trying to figure out which had the best/least side effects. On top of taking prescribed medication, I was also taking over the counter sleep aids, almost three per night. I realized this could be causing damage to my liver and that I needed a change. This was not sustainable.

In addition, the medications were affecting my job. As an actress I needed all the creativeness and awareness to my emotions and the side effects of the medications interfered with being myself. I would ease off them during production, but that always meant that my eating disorder and anxiety would turn up. During one of my last projects a friend introduced me to over the counter CBD, and I started to discover some relief, which is what led me to see a doctor to register for my medical cannabis license and educate myself further on what wellness centers had to offer.

It’s been about 6 months since I obtained my license and started to incorporate medical cannabis (products higher in CBD, but with enough THC) into my wellness routine. I have been able to ween myself off of medications and my sleep, eating and anxiety disorders are at bay. I still have more to learn, but I share this story as a means to give hope to others. I felt helpless so many times. I know medical cannabis is not for everyone and that some are skeptical, but it’s worth educating yourself on your options.

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