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Medical Cannabis is a Lifestyle for Enja

Meet Enja, a photographer, creator and cannapreneur with a passion for helping others embrace the power of the plant. She’s co-owner of Beyond the Bud, a lifestyle brand dedicated to educating people about cannabis and empowering them to “joint” the “higher road.”

I use CBD daily for its overall health benefits and to feel a calmer state of mind.


What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is more than just one thing, it’s an accumulation of factors that create a balanced mindset and overall feeling of well-being. It’s taking small steps in the right direction to make a more positive lifestyle for yourself.

What is your daily wellness routine?

I usually start my day off by going for a walk, or at least stepping outside into nature for a few moments. This helps both my body and my mindset. I try to take a few breaks throughout the workday, and will enjoy a little cannabis to help get my creative mindset flowing. I try to nourish my body with good foods, movement, and a good night’s sleep. My routine is far from perfect, but small steps in the right direction can lead to better habits.

What would you add to your routine?

I think I would like to incorporate more meditation and self-compassion into my daily life.

How does cannabis play a part in your overall well-being?

It plays a huge role in my wellness routine. I use CBD daily for its overall health benefits and to feel a calmer state of mind. I enjoy using ratio products, like Surterra Wellness Revive and Soothe vapes, if my body is feeling sore. And I love to indulge in some flower at the end of a long day.

How do you keep a positive work-life balance?

This is something I struggle with often. I’m still figuring it all out. It’s so important to set boundaries, like taking breaks and scheduling off hours, and stick to them.

Meditative breathing and cannabis have helped me through some of my hardest moments.

How do you manage stressful days?

Deep breaths, cannabis and a good night’s sleep. I’m not saying these things work all the time – it really depends on the situation – but overall wellness is super important to me and all of those contribute to my well-being. Meditative breathing and cannabis have helped me through some of my hardest moments, and who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep?

What do you do to wind down at the end of the day?

As someone who loves cannabis, my favorite thing to do is enjoy a nice, fresh packed bowl of some indica flower. One of my favorite strains right now is Sherbert – it’s so relaxing.

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