Women in Cannabis, Women in Wellness

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to recognize the amazing women who make Surterra Wellness work. Women make up 53 percent of our total workforce. From our cultivation facility to our Wellness Centers to our corporate headquarters, these talented women work every day to empower patients to take charge of their own well-being. Below are just a few of their incredible stories.

At Surterra Wellness, women coordinate events that build our communities, provide a friendly voice to concerned patients on the phone, advocate for those who need them most, and do everything in between to make sure this company is at the top of its game. More importantly, they’ve dedicated themselves to making sure our patients have everything they need to live a life of wellness.

To put it simply: without them, Surterra would stand still. With them, we’re always moving forward – together.

Joyce Yin

Brand & Product Manager
Photo of Joyce

I’ve been working at Surterra since September 2017, so about a year and a half now — which makes me a granny here. My role as the Brand & Product manager includes managing our current Therapeutics products in addition to innovating and launching new products. The main reason I love my job at Surterra is the group of passionate and talented individuals that I work with every day. It’s rare to work in such a thriving, fast-paced environment that still feels like a close-knit family.

When I’m not working, I enjoy practicing wellness in my daily life, which includes exploring different workout classes, yoga, experimenting with healthy recipes, and spending time with loved ones and friends!

I feel empowered to work at Surterra because of the growth opportunities available and the diverse female talents that I am working among. It’s inspiring to be part of a team that is always looking to disrupt the norm and find innovative ways to help people live their best lives.

Haydee Sanchez-Caban

Greater Tampa Area Manager

Photo of Haydee

I’ve been with Surterra for seven months. I started with this amazing company as the Center Manager for the Tampa Fowler Center and was recently promoted to the Greater Tampa Area Manager. What I enjoy the most in my current role is working alongside the Greater Tampa Center Managers in their personal development, supporting them in developing their teams, and most importantly giving our guests an exceptional guest experience. My happy place is the beach, in my personal time I like planning parties and events.

I believe Surterra is a great company because it shows women how they can continue to be leaders in the industry by having women both in the field and at the leadership level educating people about our product, developing our brand, and developing our teams.

Rebekah Logie

Social Patient Advocate
Photo of Rebekah

I’ve been with Surterra since April 2018. I’m currently a Patient Advocate in the Central Florida region. I started with Surterra as a Wellness Coordinator in the Deltona store and worked my way into a marketing role. My favorite thing about my job is being able to build relationships with patients and hear their incredible and inspiring stories. I love hanging out at the beach, spending time with my friends and family, and loving on my three fur babies.

I believe Surterra helps to empower women by allowing growth in our career paths and motivating us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Shauna Jennings

Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing
Photo of Shauna

I started at Surterra in November 2018. I am currently the Senior Manager of Experiential Marketing, which consists of all of the fun activities we host within the community and inside of our stores. These events celebrate the Surterra mission by educating patients on the various applications and benefits of medical cannabis.

What I enjoy most about Surterra is the shared desire and overarching goal to improve the everyday wellness of our patients. There is a passion within this company that does not exist in other organizations. That passion, along with the unique creativity of the team, allows us to develop something that has never been done before. This company has one clear mission: to empower every individual to reach their wellness goals in a natural and holistic manner.

Everything I do in my job, and in my life, revolves around giving back to the community around me. Surterra embodies this and many of the other values that I hold true, and that is why I know this company is where I belong.

As a woman in the Surterra culture, I have always felt equal to those across the table from me. I feel empowered to speak my truth and to challenge the ideas around me in a way that benefits the overall company growth and my own growth as an individual.

Andrea Walton

Wellness Coordinator Assistant Manager
Photo of Andrea

I’ve been working for Surterra for one year and two months. I started at the North Port store as a Wellness Coordinator, where I would check-in patients and provide consultation to help find the medicine that best fits their condition. Now I am working at the Bonita Springs Store as an Assistant Manager, where I’ve been given the added responsibilities of ensuring that patients are being taken care of, the staff is being efficient, resolving patient issues, coaching the staff, and filling in where needed to make sure everything flows.

I enjoy working for Surterra. I am very passionate about health and wellness, and Surterra gives me that opportunity to help people each day. Surterra carries some amazing, passionate and caring people, and we all treat each other as family. It is always a pleasure to come in to meet and greet each other each day.

For fun, I love to take a walk on the beach. Surterra is such a great company because we empower women by diversifying leadership, management, and executive positions with women in mind.

Grecia Jacinto

Call Center Supervisor
Photo of Grecia

I’ve had the pleasure of being with Surterra for the past 10 months. I was originally hired as a Call Center Representative and then was promoted as the Call Center Supervisor. I help manage Surterra’s three call centers. I train new staff, take escalated calls and, along with my manager, create a welcoming customer service experience for our patients. My favorite part about working with Surterra is the stories that we get to be a part of with the patient. From their first step on their cannabis journey to weeks or months along the way, where we get to celebrate their victories.

Being able to celebrate the little wins makes coming in every day worthwhile. I am so happy to build a team that feels more like family than co-workers. On my days off, you can find my nose in a book (I love science fiction!) or journaling in my Bullet Journal.

Surterra is a great company to work for because of the equal opportunity that women have – I’ve never worked for a company that was 52% female. That fact itself empowers me because I know that the women that work here hustle as hard as I do, and Surterra recognizes them for it.

Brooke Bowers

Inventory Specialist
Photo of Brooke

I’ve been with Surterra for one year and four months. I’m the Inventory Specialist at our South Florida production lab, which means I spend my day creating, testing, and finalizing various procedures. I work with our seed-to-sale tracking software partners to establish streamlined, manufacturing-centered procedures within the software itself. Above all, I am always trying to better myself, my team, and my company.

My favorite aspect of Surterra is our unique work environment. Every single one of my coworkers has a common goal: to create safe, effective products that empower our patients to be well. Surterra provides a wonderful opportunity for many of us to craft a caring and diligent working environment and stay true to our core beliefs.

Outside of work, my main hobby is roller derby. The Tampa Roller Derby league has been incredibly supportive and has made my transition to a new city so much easier. Little did I know that when I moved I would not only have my Surterra family, but also my derby family!

Surterra is an amazing company to work for, and I am glad to be a part of it. I have never felt lesser or greater than anyone in the company. Regardless of our sex, gender, ethnicity, and other personal qualities, we are a team. I have consistently grown into stronger and stronger positions within the company, and I plan on continuing to move forward with my career in this industry with my Surterra team to back me up.

Josephine Garibay

Cultivation Labor Manager

I’ve been part of the Surterra family since February 1, 2017, which was day one at our cultivation center! I am the Cultivation Labor Manager. I have always been a part of the agriculture industry. I used to feed America by planting, growing, and harvesting all fruits and vegetables. Now I can say I am helping patients of America, all thanks to Surterra by giving me the opportunity to be a part of their family!

When I am not working, I love to spend my time off by going to the gym. Surterra is a company with a vision that empowers an empire of women to do more, see more, and truly give women the support they deserve!

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