New Coral Reefer Formulas!

Introducing 2 new Coral Reefer High-THC blends Island time and Sunset Sailin'

Introducing High-THC blends Island time and Sunset Sailin’

These Tsunami level formulas are high in THC to help you feel maximum physical and mental relief. Sunset Sailin’ is a hybrid blend that can help uplift your body and mind without too much sedation. Island Time is an indica-forward blend that can help you unwind into a full-body relaxation that encourages restful sleep.

Find your way to paradise

Good for the Body, Good for the Soul

—Jimmy Buffett

Coral Reefer is a line of tropically inspired cannabis products that put paradise in the palm of your hand. With unique formulas available in a broad range of strengths and cannabinoid ratios, Coral Reefer can help you find paradise your way, anytime, anywhere.

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