New! Float Bubble Hash

Limited time only!

Float is expanding our concentrates portfolio with a limited-time offering of Bubble Hash! Bubble Hash is a solvent-less cannabis extract made entirely of cannabis trichomes that have been mechanically separated from the cannabis plant.


What is the difference between Live Bubble Hash and Bubble Hash(Cured)?

They are both similar high-quality solventless concentrates that use different starting materials. Live Bubble Hash is made with material that is frozen immediately after harvest, and Cured Bubble Hash is made with cured, dry material. Bubble Hash often appears darker in color than Live Bubble Hash due to the age of the trichomes before being extracted.

Live Bubble Hash tends to retain more of the terpene profile (since it is frozen right after harvest), is blonder in color, and may be more potent. These differences are also reflected in the price.

Are any solvents used to extract Bubble Hash(Cured)?

Bubble hash is a solventless concentrate

What is a solvent-less concentrate?

When a concentrate is described as solventless, this means that no chemical solvents were used to extract the THC from the plant. Bubble Hash (live and cured) is created using ice and water to mechanically separate the trichomes from the plant matter. This separation of trichomes is then kept under cold temperatures and freeze-dried to remove the water, resulting in a fragrant collection of trichomes.

Common extraction methods in Florida that involve solvents are ethanol and CO2 extraction.

Are solvent-less products better than products made with solvents?

This usually comes down to consumer preference and product availability, but they are both safe and quality methods for consumption.

There is high demand in the market for solventless concentrates because solventless concentrates are made without undesired “hazardous” solvents. Even though in our standard extraction process all solvents are purged out, a solventless process leads to a purer more premium product with enhanced taste and smells that showcases the true essence of the plant and concentrate. Many people also believe that without any chemicals involved, the end products are in their most natural state with their chemistry unaltered from any solvents.

How is Bubble Hash(Cured) made?

Cured Bubble hash is a solventless concentrate product made by extracting the glandular trichome heads from dried and cured material using ice and water. By agitating the plant material with ice and water, the trichome heads are broken away from their stalks. The trichomes then sink, leaving the inactive plant matter behind. This trichome-rich water is then filtered through various screens and the varying trichome heads are sieved into different micron grades and freeze-dried for a finished product. Cured Bubble Hash trichomes range in size from 40u to 179u.

How is Bubble Hash(Cured) different from our flower and concentrate products?

Cured Bubble Hash is a solventless concentrate. This product differs significantly from most concentrates because no chemical solvents were used to extract the trichomes from the plant.

How is Bubble Hash(Cured) Consumed?

Important Information: Bubble Hash is dispensed as an inhalation product, and not a smokable product per the Florida DOH.

The consumption method of this product is very similar to that of kief. Cured Bubble Hash is most commonly consumed in a pipe and is not consumed using a dab rig like some of our other concentrates. Here are ways to consume Live Bubble Hash:

  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • Regular pipe or hash pipe
  • Use with ground flower or whole flower.
  • Is Bubble Hash(Cured) a Full Melt product?

    No, this is not a full melt product.

    Can you dab Bubble Hash(Cured)?

    No. We do not recommend dabbing this product. It doesn’t melt like traditional concentrates and will not provide the best experience. This product will char dab rigs and leave a dark residue due to the presence of the waxy trichome membranes.

    How should Bubble Hash(Cured) be stored?

    To preserve the integrity and quality of this product, customers should keep this product in the refrigerator. Refrigerating this product will prevent terpenes from evaporating and keep the product at the right consistency.