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Working side-by-side with physicians to provide safe, reliable and natural relief.

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Natural Relief

Our products provide a safe, reliable and natural relief

Industry Leading Purity

We lead the industry with 90%+ pure, beautifully refined cannabis oil.

Variety of CBD: THC Ratios

We harness the therapeutic effects in cannabis by allowing the compounds to work together and utilize the “entourage effect.”

Targeted Terpene Profiles

Crafted with medical conditions in mind, rather than pre-mixed, generic formulations

Learn more about how Surterra crafts the purest and most
consistent medical cannabis products available in Florida

Why Effect-Driven
Products Instead
of Strains?

When you prescribe a patient medicine, you expect that medicine to provide a consistent result. But recent studies show that each individual cannabis strain’s genetics actually varies widely from greenhouse-to-greenhouse, harvest-to-harvest, and even plant-to-plant based upon the individual micro-climate.

Imagine if your patient takes a single dose of Tylenol one day and finds his or her pain alleviated, but the next day finds no relief whatsoever from that same dose because of a variable in the medicine. When medicine varies in this way, it places the patient in a potentially unsafe situation in respect to determining the correct dosage for the desired effect.

Consistency graphs: Surterra vs. Competitors

The third-party test data below is self-published by Surterra and another MMTC

Warning: Inconsistent products can prove ineffective or produce potentially undesirable side effects for patients.

A Better Choice -
Reliable and

That’s why we’re one of a growing number of medical cannabis companies that are choosing to produce a more consistent product that doesn’t rely solely upon strains, but instead goes deeper and combines the pure THC and CBD cannabinoids into exact ratios​ and re-introduces terpenes found naturally in the cannabis plant to ensure our products deliver consistent effects and medical benefits in each and every dose, so that you’ll never have to worry.

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We help your patients
with superior service
and products

We believe in delivering patients superior, safe,
reliable and affordable medicine that provides
the purest and highest level cannabinoids
available along with the most compassionate,
personal service


  • First time patient discounts available
  • State-of-the-art dispensaries with full-time wellness experts
  • Helpful service center to help patients every step of the way
  • State-wide delivery for only $10
  • Full time Nurse educator on staff

We’re Here to Help!

We’re here for you every step of the way. The state of Florida requires that you complete the Florida Medical Association’s 2-hour course and examination and register with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry before you are eligible to recommend medical cannabis. We’d be happy to guide you on how to become eligible, and to provide helpful information on Surterra’s products, including walking you through how our products are created and how patients benefit from our approach, as well as information on dosing with our products, and help with entering patients and orders into the registry.


We’re here to help every step of the way.
Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday.


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I appreciate Surterra and the belief they have in providing quality products. I like that they have extracted the beneficial oils so that I know exactly what I am getting in my medicine. With their help, I have been able to find my sweet spot in dosing and am filled with joy to say that my life is improving more every day

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