My Medical Cannabis journey began after graduating college and beginning my professional journey.

As someone who is constantly ‘on,’ I have always felt that the ‘never not working’ philosophy was the theme to my lifestyle. When I’m not in my office working on my 9-5 job in Digital Marketing, I am focusing on my side hustle of Blogging and Social Media. My mind is always working and thinking of new ideas. My creative background and my Art School degree helped with drive, but I noticed that I had a hard time just turning off, winding down and disconnecting when it was time to just relax.

Night time is the most difficult for me. I’ve tried everything from Melatonin to prescription drugs, and I found that if and when it helped me fall asleep, I was either having crazy vivid dreams and nightmares, waking up drowsy or just feeling super weird and dependent on these supplements.

When I wasn’t taking something to help me fall asleep, I would lay in bed for hours. No matter how tired, my mind would not shut off and I’d feel wide awake and helpless, knowing that I was going to feel even worse in the morning.

Because of Medical Cannabis, I am finally able to relax and fall asleep when I want to. Switching between flower, capsules and tinctures, and depending on my stress and anxiety levels, I’m able to wind down after a long day of work and have some moments of peace to myself before bedtime. Over the years, I’ve noticed my mood change for the better. I feel happier and calmer and finally in control of not only my sleep schedule, but my day to day anxiety and mental health.

Medical Cannabis has truly helped me in so many ways. I use it when I need it, and find comfort in knowing I have access to such a wonderful brand here in Florida.

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