If you know me, you know I balance 1,396 things at a time which keeps me ALIVE. But sometimes, all that passionate workload makes it hard for me to shut my eyes and relax my brain.

As an insomniac, going to bed no earlier than 2am, I need some rest. With the help of my physician, I’ve gained insight into getting restful sleep with medical marijuana. I’m actually able to put a few drops of tincture under my tongue and with combined dosages of THC and CBD I’m able to shut my brain off and feel rested to conquer another day.

Surterra feels like a wellness center because, guess what, it is. Surterra feels professional, premium and safe. You are comfortable, surrounded by professionals that are there to help. For me, Surterra gives me what I need to rest my body for another day… speaking of which, I’m dozing off. It’s about that time. Sleep well my friends.

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