Here is how the flower bloomed… I was 37 years young and healthy. Out of nowhere, one day I felt two lumps in my right breast.

Since I have no family history of cancer, the thought of being diagnosed truly never crossed my mind. After weeks of tests, sonograms, and biopsies the results came in. Yes… it was positive. Triple Negative breast cancer and it was, most importantly, aggressive.

My oncologist informed me that I would have to have a double mastectomy and undergo sixteen rounds of chemotherapy. Yes, sixteen rounds. She also informed me that losing my hair, my appetite, was more than likely.

After being angry and unwilling to undergo chemotherapy, I was convinced of going the natural path to get rid of what turned out to be three cancerous tumors. After countless research on alternative
chemotherapy, my family and I decided it was too much of a gamble. As a mom of three, staying alive for my children was not something I wanted to take a chance with.

My anxiety was through the roof, my appetite was gone, and for the first time I experienced a monumental panic attack. My world was caving in right in front of my eyes! Luckily, there is a community of cancer survivors that offered to help and guide me and told me about medical cannabis. In full transparency, there was a lot of hesitation about anything related to medical cannabis.

Adding more drugs to the rotation of medications that I had to consume was not part of my holistic thought. My wellness and health have always been top priority. I am not sugar coating this at all, I was a mess! From the lack of sleep, the constant worrying, the thought of my hair falling out, nausea, and due to the number of steroids I was taking, I was swollen and exhausted.

Here is something you may not know about the effects of chemotherapy, your bones hurt. The pain was unbearable. My wrist, my back, my entire body was in pain. This was all consuming.

The most natural approach to help me deal with all of the side effects was products that were very high in CBD. Every morning and night, I would take a prescribed dose of tincture oils to help me sleep and to help me deal with the daily nausea I was experiencing. I opted for patches and lotions to help with the pain.

What I was most content about was that I didn’t have to add more drugs in my system and could approach this journey with a natural wellness treatment. I am glad I set aside my preconceived notions and that Surterra Wellness offers products that are high in CBD which made this uncomfortable and difficult journey a little bit easier.

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