Medical Cannabis Helped with My Insomnia

My Medical Cannabis journey began a year ago. My sleeping disorder was one of those things on my checklist that I still needed to find a sustainable natural route for. I wanted a clean product that delivered the same result every time. My research on the subject turned me into a believer, and inspired me to get my license and change my trips from Walgreens to a dispensary.

If I could live at night and sleep in the day, I would have no issues with sleeping. Ever since I can remember I’ve been a night person. In school, I would always start studying at around 8pm as my creativity would kick in as soon as the sun went down. I didn’t think much of it at the time since my dad was the same way, and it was “our thing”. For years, I had sleepless nights and always thought it was OK since I was mostly in creative mode.

My dad later introduced me to sleeping pills which saved me through college years until he found out about melatonin, a more natural approach to “this thing” that was ever-present in our lives. Melatonin helped get me to sleep but didn’t help to wake me up.

The funny thing is that I am a meditation and Breathwork teacher, so I do have so many techniques, but they activate me so much. I think because I have been doing them for so long, I automatically get in a space of receiving which triggers my creativity.

Today, I’m a mom of 9-year old twin daughters and I run a spiritual online business, so not being able to get a good night’s sleep is not an option, it is a must.

In my own search for another natural remedy to my sleeplessness, I found a medical cannabis solution, and it has changed my life and my sleeping habits.

As I do with everything in my life, I approached medical cannabis with no judgment. I read about it, tested it, and it was magic. Not only was I sleeping, but I was putting plant medicine into my body and I was healing with nature.

Because of Medical Cannabis, I am finally able to relax and fall asleep when I want to. I love tinctures, they’re my favorite. A few drops of “Dream” before bed and I’m out. I feel happier and calmer and finally in control of not only my sleeping schedule but of my mental health. For years, I did suffer from insomnia and it was impacting my health and my lifestyle. Moms and entrepreneurs will understand!

I love that I found a beautiful, responsible, and educated brand that is here in Florida.

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