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  • ***LIMIT 12345678910 UNIT(S) PER CUSTOMER PER DAY***

    Strain: Black Jack (Hybrid Indica)

  • Potency: THC 19.2%, CBD 0.049%
  • Size: 3.5g (1/8oz)
  • Our greenhouse flower is grown using a process that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a more cost-effective flower product.


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Black Jack, an Indica-dominant hybrid, has a flavorful fruity taste, and is very popular among medical marijuana patients because of its long-lasting effects. If you’re looking to help with stress, anxiety or overall relaxation this is a great option.

Hybrid-Indica strains are technical hybrids that contain more indica genetic traits. Most people will experience calm, relaxing physical effects along with a slightly elevated and energized mood. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Flower allows you to experience the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis in a more traditional form. Our flower is carefully crafted and monitored from seed to sale, so we can ensure that only the highest quality products reach the shelves.

THC and CBD potency may vary.

What’s Florida Dep?

“Dep” is short for “light deprivation”, which means the flower is grown in a greenhouse that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles.

Additional Info

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The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 0.5g, 1 times per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 7 total doses per unit.
30 day = $128.57 | 50 day = $214.29 | 70 day = $300.00

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Total Rating

2 years ago

Black jack is ⛽ the soft wax is awesome and the coral reefer pens are even better… Quick and professional service everytime with some quality stuff!

2 years ago

Fire bud, service is great! Tre really be looking out for me at the Fort myers location. Big up surterra for keeping flower in stock

2 years ago

Great smell and taste, with it only being $30 an 8th it’s a great deal. Works good for my anxiety. I use this when I come home from work and want to decompress and unwind but not be couch locked yet. I did smoke about a 1/2 gram joint at night time & I was nice and relaxed and was able to fall asleep a few hours after smoking and relaxing. I bought a 1/4 of the Oregon Noble pre ground flower and was mega disappointed with it. Super stemmy and seeds in it too. Tasted like mids. But the Black Jack has restored my faith in surterras flower. I got two 1/8’s of the little buds for $54 and is WAY worth the extra $4

2 years ago

Loving Black Jack, its definitely one of Surterra’s better strains. great body relaxation with a very euphoric mind uplift, the best of both worlds in this hybrid.
Dense green buds that look dipped in sugar, I have tried this in little buds, $30 and the $45.
All are great but the $45 was some of the best smoke I have tried.

2 years ago

Reviews lead me to make this one. Purchased the $30 1/8, perfect for the price, you won’t be disappointed.

2 years ago

bought the smalls, but were the size of green sweet peas, very tight and pungent. I like it as a day time smoke mostly and the price isn’t terrible but could be better.

2 years ago

Smells just like they say. I would say it is slightly stronger than I expected. But very good. Only bad thing I would say is the buds are very small. I bought a pack of ‘smalls’ of another strain and these full size were only barely larger. Same material but wanted bigger buds as you usually end up with less stem material. This is only my first purchase from Suterra. May try one more time and if small then, that will be my last purchase here.

2 years ago

Money well spent

2 years ago

This was my first purchase from Surterra. With the price being so low (I bought the $30/18% thc), I wasn’ expecting much. Boy, was I surprised! I’m a daily user due to chronic pain and severe depression. I call this “Happy Jack” because it just made me smile plus the pain subsided… and my eyes disappeared! LOL I have recommended this product to other heavy users, and they were also delighted. It hits hard and fast and lingers. This is now my #1 Indica choice. And I can’t wait to try the $45 one!

2 years ago

Best strain for pain related to Crohn’s disease, Gastroparesis and other digestive and abdominal disorders. I have been prescribed dozens of different medications and not one comes close to the relief Black Jack provides. Tight, dark buds with orange and purple highlights, deisel aroma with sweet almost creamy undertones. Forty years of cannabis experience and all I can say about the high is it is different, delightfully so and the effects carry me five to six hours. Use of this strain has improved my quality of life, taking away pain no pill or potion could touch. This Black Jack deals 21 every single time.

2 years ago

Wow…very nice surprise with this strain..has a real nice kick to it…very good medication and for $30 1/8 it can’t be beat…thank you

2 years ago

One of my fav strains so far. Strong Indica , long lasting, tight non leafy nugs. Good stuff surterra.

2 years ago

My first flower purchase at Surterra,
Very nice indica however hits me like a sativa . It’s a very beautiful bud. Nice and Olive Green with light orange hairs , looks very tropical , smells very nice and green.
Maintains you focused and in a happy mood- pain free. I liked it . Plus you can’t over look the price is $30 for 3.5 g which is unbeatable. Great customer service! Looking forward to trying their other strains.

2 years ago

Got 2 cups of this, really great at its price point, big dense nugs and powerful Jack Herer aroma, will be purchasing again

2 years ago

Certainly has that lingering effect that wont keep you reaching back for more once you dose. Nice, full flavor. Overall one of my favorites I have tried this far.