CCELL 510 Thread – Vape Battery



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  • Compatibility: 510 thread
    Activation: Button
    Charge: Micro USB


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A micro USB charging battery with cord. This device is a variable voltage vaporizer with CCELL heating technology and is compatible with most 510 thread cartridges.

Additional features include:
  • 650mAh battery capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Tamper proof mouthpiece
  • Button activation
  • Three power levels (high, medium, low)
  • USB rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Float branded design

Download the Battery Guide Here

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1 month ago

I have been using this battery for over a year STILL CHARGES, PULLS, ETC PROPERLY. Surterra, I would recommend bumping the price to $15 so you can somehow adjust the airflow for any other MMTC cartridge optimization (although I can use a trulieve cartridge just as good on this as a FLOAT ™️ Battery). Buy this battery people. Stop buying gas station crap.

7 months ago

this is the best pen-style battery I have ever owned, and I have gone through quite a few. the charge lasts for about a week for me (and I use this thing a lot). please never stop making these, the font is so cute too and the way the float carts fit on top is really aesthetically pleasing to me haha

7 months ago

EXCELLENT VALUE! Works great, feels smooth and sleek, and lasts.

7 months ago

This battery provides a significant draw. Happy to have found it.

7 months ago

The best 1 I ever had
Hold a charge really long

1 year ago

Excellent battery. The best you can buy for $10

1 year ago

I have had MANY of these inexpensive batteries along with their cheap ass chargers that dont work after a month. Hands down the best ever. Been using this for at least 2 weeks and STILL haven’t had to charge it!!! High quality charging system with this pen that wont go bad in a month.Insane!!! Buy this you will not be sorry!

1 year ago

Best battery out there for $10 by far! Holds a charge way longer than most batteries and uses a micro USB charger which is WAY more convenient!

1 year ago

The old battery was great.
The NEW battery…which is self drawing (no button)….is amazing!
It completely stops that vape cough.
Smoother draw…more pleasant…and usable…experience!
Best part?
Same price!!!!

1 year ago

Just got my first float battery and cartridge in Grandaddy Purple yesterday. It works flawlessly and came with a full charge but I topped it off before I used it to get the most out of the battery life. I had switched dispensaries from Suterra to Trulieve and have been using their true pods but they only have .80mg/cartridge and their battery, which I’ve had to buy 3 of due to losing them, cost $35/each. Plus they take forever to service you, it’s like going to the actual doctor appt. where you sit in the waiting room forever before finally getting called. Suterra is now my main dispensary cause they sell 1gram cartridges for the same price as Trulieve sells their .80 and the fact it’s always a fast n friendly environment and fast transactions have you in n out in minutes. Keep up the good work!

2 years ago

Best battery I’ve ever used!

2 years ago

Anthony is right on the $. I thought I loved the O.PEN until I used this one. Then I bought 2 more. This is my go to battery.

2 years ago

All 510 batteries are different but this one is hands down better than the ones other stores charge $35 for.

2 years ago

So far no problem.