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Florida’s Finest Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery





Vaporizing pure cannabis oil is considered a safer alternative to smoking. Vaping provides an array of benefits ranging from immediate relief to greater flavor and minimal odor. When activated, the vape pen will heat the cannabis oil to its boiling point turning it into vapor. This vapor allows patients to inhale the beneficial cannabinoids without extra carcinogens or tar. Due to the concentration of the product, a little will go a long way with effects lasting up to 4 hours. Onset time is 2 to 4 minutes.

Florida’s Finest Battery Tech Specs: Full Capacity: 350mAh | Maximum Output: 4.2V | Charging Voltage: 5.0V


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1 year ago

mine worked fine for the first 6 months, then it died real easy. I went and bought a kangertech one and it is great.

1 year ago

Ok, so what is the best temp setting for these cartridges?
I have a couple nice variable batteries that range from 3.3v to 4.8v.
What will give me the most reliable tug without boiling the concentrate?

1 year ago

This Vape Pen or Vape Battery is the same one made in China and cloned a thousand times. Every dispensary sells this 5/10 thread, variable voltage, five clicks on/off, etc. They’re all the same!

Knowing that, there are a few tricks to counteract the crummy Chinese workmanship.

1) Turn it off right away! Battery life is short! Recharge often!
2) The ‘plumbing’ will clog regularly, requiring a large ‘pull’ or ‘draw’ to clear the blockage.
3) Keep out of direct sunlight – use a case whenever possible as the cartridges don’t do well with prolonged heat.

Hopefully these tips will help. Also, there are fancier 5/10 thread batteries for sale on eBay among other sites that have bigger batteries, more accurate heating and other features. I bought one that looks like a Mont Blanc pen and works with the Floridas Finest carts!

Happy Vaping!!

1 year ago

The pen doesn’t heat the coil enough. The cartridges clog all the time then you get droplets. They replaced them but doing same thing. When I called the lady told me that they’re not happy with them so they no it’s a problem and still selling them. Woll not be back save time and the hassle dont buy.

1 year ago

I love the Florida’s Finest brands, Surterra is the best dispensary. But the vape pen constantly clogs up and worse yet, the battery doesn’t last long and it breaks easily. I have bought two of these pens, and both did not function well. I usually only smoke in the evening, and when this vape is not working it really spoils my evening. I have written to Suterra twice, but no answer.

2 years ago

I have not had any problems at all. Holds a charge forever. Works fine every time.

2 years ago

I’ll buy and try it and let all know.

2 years ago

This vape works about 1 of 10 vapes. Something needs to
Be done. Not happy.

2 years ago

Battery is great. Looks nice. Doesn’t change temperature but that’s okay because the cartridges adjust the flow. But the flow is not consistent, it doesn’t always pull. A little costly.

2 years ago

Can’t use the pen. It doesn’t work🙁