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Tillamook Strawberry Distillate





The unique terpene profile of high b-myrcene and low limonene creates a slightly sativa dominant hybrid. In addition, moderate amounts of caryophyllene and a-pinene provides benefits for anxiety and inflammation. This strain’s properties are typically selected for conditions of persistent anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, and chronic muscle pain. Its soothing effects, from the b-myrcene and linalool, allow for calm focused relaxation without drowsiness. Each syringe of Tillamook Strawberry Distillate contains 800mg of THC.


Cannabis oil, naturally-derived terpenes


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5 months ago

Now that Zen no longer comes in syringes I switched to this to fill my C-cell cartridges. It’s not 5 star like Zen in a syringe but, it’ll do.

9 months ago

My favorite distillate! I struggle with Lupus symptoms. I started taking .05 on a breakfastbar daily since I stopped driving. Like magic, I can tell when it kicks in because I start to feel comfortable in my body, my muscles relax & my body doesn’t feel like a grinding wheel. Going to stick to this regimen!