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  • Strain: Galactic Glue (Hybrid)

  • Potency: THC 11.3%, CBD 0.028%
  • Size: 0.247 oz (7 g)


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Galactic Glue is an evenly balanced hybrid and a cross between GG4 and Gobstopper strains. It is known for its sweet yet bitter flavor and sweet berry aroma with an earthy pine. This strain may be energizing yet relaxing and may leave you with a sense of euphoria.

Hybrid strains typically contain genetic traits of both sativa and indica strains. This tends to produce a harmonious effect, with most people feeling a balance of physical relaxation and an uplifted mental state. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Ground flower is exactly that—it’s whole flower, ground for more convenient use. All of the full-spectrum benefits of whole flower in a simple, ready to consume form.

CBD and THC potency may vary.

Additional Info

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The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 0.5g, 1 times per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 14 total doses per unit.
30 day = $107.14 | 50 day = $178.57 | 70 day = $250.00

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Total Rating

8 months ago

Very good for overall relaxation. Soothing for muscle aches and relieves anxiety.

1 year ago

Not as strong as Original glue, but it does the job.

1 year ago

This strain is good, it is great for low chronic back pain. Euphoric feeling is not this strains strong suit. It is nice. I drive about an hour for this lol.

1 year ago

Very gassy and super smooth high. Not too heavy on the body.

1 year ago

Galactic Glue is not to be confused with Gorilla Glue.
I purchased the Galactic Glue 13% – 14% small buds and found it to be disappointing in potency.
Good aroma,good taste but lacks in strength.