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    Strain: Jacky Girl (Hybrid)

  • Size: 3.5g (1/8oz)
  • Our greenhouse flower is grown using a process that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a more cost-effective flower product.


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Jacky Girl, a Sativa-leaning strain, is a cross between Girl Scout Cookie and Jack Herer, and leaves you with an uplifted, energetic feeling. It has an aroma of mint, citrus and earthiness, and can help enhance your mood, ease stress and stimulate your creativity.

Hybrid strains typically contain genetic traits of both sativa and indica strains. This tends to produce a harmonious effect, with most people feeling a balance of physical relaxation and an uplifted mental state. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Flower allows you to experience the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis in a more traditional form. Our flower is carefully crafted and monitored from seed to sale, so we can ensure that only the highest quality products reach the shelves.

THC and CBD potency may vary.

What’s Florida Dep?

“Dep” is short for “light deprivation”, which means the flower is grown in a greenhouse that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles.

Additional Info

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The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 0.5g, 1 times per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 7 total doses per unit.
30 day = $128.57 | 50 day = $214.29 | 70 day = $300.00

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Total Rating

2 years ago

Soooo, soooo good!

2 years ago

Go to bud for daily and even at night sometimes! great mood changer.

2 years ago

I was *really* mad at first because I didn’t check the thc % on this today before I paid, but now that I’m home, its very strong at only %16, and the terpenes are snacking me in the face and just wow all around

2 years ago

Jacky Girl is a good daytime flower and at night, for sleep or strong relaxation, use WITH Sherbert flower for GOOD ZZZzzzzz,s.

2 years ago

Jacky Girl is my go to around the house. I get my duties done without pain and anxiety. Love that jacky girl.

2 years ago

$45 tier…. Just wow. This is amazing flower. You guys have stepped up your game tremendously. Keep it up. Cheers to the growers.

2 years ago

Arguably surterra’s best strain, as soon as I see it pop up in the shop its a must buy!

2 years ago

Jackie girl takes all my pain away, its uplifting, helps me to get a few things done. Perfect for me, love jackie girl.

2 years ago

Love Jacky Girl! Great for daytime and into the early evening. Puts me in a good mood and helps with my pain. Thank you Surterra for always having this in stock when I need it.

2 years ago

Great sativa, very stimulating to the mind. Heavy munchies though! Lol

2 years ago

This has a wonderful taste of mint, citrus and earthly flavors.
Both mind and body high.
Nice tight and dense packed nugs would recommend.

2 years ago

A standout in the Surterra flower lineup! Jacky Girl will not disappoint.
I am an Indica guy through and though,this strain while Sativa leaning truly gives some of the best body effects I have experienced in the Florida market, excellent for both physical and mental pain!
Jacky Girl is the ultimate uplift!

2 years ago

Very aromatic and flavorful with a nice punch. I made the mistake of smoking a whole joint and became a little anxious. I’m not a novice so that isn’t the issue, it’s just good potent bud that doesn’t have a lot of body load. Great smoke overall.

2 years ago

Jacky Girl is a perfect all-purpose strain to keep around, and more importantly is almost always in stock. Good medicine, good price, good availability. Excellent at any TAC % level.

2 years ago

Amazing strain wonderful taste smell exceptional medicine normally I pack a tiny bud but if I roll a joint I can easily get 3 to 4 burns off one j.
In my opinion this and GDP should always be stocked I like to have it in my reserves

2 years ago

Very good clean mood enhancer

2 years ago

i got this today and i am glad Tom over the phone at customer service recommended it to me. this strain is over 20% thc, its a sativa, real nice, taste/smell is greenly..”not bitter”or “harsh”…
the smoke at all. dark green olive buds with dark orange hairs. smells greenly. hit me nice, put me to do stuff around the house and even go out for a walk. its a nice uppy high and lasting. looking forward to trying their granddaddy purple.
i think Surterra has good quality medicine. and above all great prices!
they always give me a little gift, today i got a bottle of water which i am loving after i burn to drink my water! first time i went i got some sunglasses! which i love wearing when i am stoned. thanks!
great customer service and quick in and out. i think Surterra is going to be my new go-to place for my meds! OH, and unbeatable prices. and deals.
i think i’ll forget about trulieve and for now. 😉
thanks Surterra.

2 years ago

This one turned my frown upside down