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Midnight Mariner (Indica Blend) – Mini Pre-rolls



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  • Strain: Indica Blend (Indica)

  • Potency: THC 13.968%, CBD 0.035%
  • Size: 0.35 g each (3.5 g)
  • Units per Container: 10 pre-rolls


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Let the moonlight lead you home with this relaxing indica-forward blend.

Indica strains are generally believed to be calming and sedative, with most people experiencing an allover relaxed effect in both their body and mind. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

THC and CBD potency may vary.

Additional Info

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The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 0.35g, 1 times per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 10 total doses per unit.
30 day = $126.00 | 50 day = $210.00 | 70 day = $294.00

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Total Rating

6 months ago

I’m a repeat buyer of these powerful little guys and it’s become one of my favorite products. I love the different indica blends together I like to smoke it at least an hour before bed so I can really enjoy the effects. Nothing negative to say another great product by Surterra if you’re on the fence don’t be try these

6 months ago

All of these little .35 doobies are mini nukes! You don’t expect the little guy to pack such a punch! I’ve been smoking daily for years! These little guys are perfect size for one person!

6 months ago

Just a couple tokes and hello mellow! These lived up to the reviews I read and I am glad I tried them out. The overall relaxation is wonderful, I can really shut my brain off from the noise of the day and start to enjoy my weekend.

9 months ago

I had never smoked pre rolls but after seeing all the reviews I figured I’d try it. I smoked it and was asleep in an hour which never happens.

9 months ago


10 months ago

You must get these lil guys!! I’m very high tolerance I’ve been smoking since I was born I have severe osa and never can get more than two hours of sleep these are the only thing that gives me up to 3 and a half hours of sleep.. And for being so small you don’t need more than one packs a solid punch.. Get some you will be delighted and rested..Thanks Surterra

12 months ago

This is a strain worth reviewing. Its also worth your hard earned money. I’m high tolerance and one of these even at low percentage are pretty good. The effects are soothing and makes going to sleep a piece of cake, however not so sedative you cant stay awake when you need to be. I think its excellent for anxiety and PTSD.

1 year ago

I never thought a .35g pre roll would put me to sleep so fast. It’s great for keeping a clear head and drifting off to sleep. If you have insomnia then I highly recommend this. Don’t let the size fool you.

1 year ago

I was not expecting these to be so good!
Probally the most eupohoric preroll i have had in the state of florida.
with the small size I thought I’d need more than one, but one did the job!
I hope to see some coral reefer ground flower come in the future!

1 year ago

I was nervous when I first purchased these as they are only .35g prerolls so in my mind I was thinking I may have to smoke at least 2 or 3 to really get what I want out of these. However, after just one .35g preroll I was feeling fantastic. For an indica strain it took away my anxiety for the night and helped me get some amazing sleep! I would definitely recommend these little guys and I hope they will come out with whole flower for these strains as well. Honestly now one of my top prerolls I’ve ever had and I smoke everyday so I have a pretty high tolerancey. Bottom line pick up some of these guys and you won’t be disappointed. I plan on trying the hybrid and sativa strains in this as well.