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Myakka Native – Pure Oil Cartridge





Floridas Finest Myakka Native is a sativa-dominant strain with a subdued, earthy profile. Most people experience significant euphoric effects accompanied by an allover relaxed sensation.

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Dosing & Usage

Cannabinoid Content

CBD 0.5 mg

THC 41 mg

41.5 mg (THC & CBD)

Suggested Starting Dose

Your recommended dosage may vary– please consult with your physician for proper dosage.

State Registry Dosing and Usage

Myakka Native – Pure Oil Cartridge – 0.5 ml, 415mg

Route of Administration
Active Ingredient
Amount per dose
4.1 mg
Doses per day

Registry Instructions

  • The mg per dose and number of doses per day are the two quantities that will be entered into the Registry. The product of these (mg/dose x # of doses per day) should equal the SDU of the "Active Ingredient" (THC or CBD) that is being recommended.
  • The Registry will not allow for decimals. ROUND UP to the nearest whole number if the SDU for the "Active Ingredients" is not a whole number.
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50 Day
70 Day

How to use this product

  • 1

    Screw the Florida’s Finest Vaporizer cartridge onto the Florida’s Finest Adjustable Airflow Vaporizer pen. Make sure the contact head is secured tightly.

  • 2

    Press your lips against the mouthpiece and begin vaporizing by taking a 3-second draw.

  • 3

    This product has approximately 100 doses based on an average draw of 3 seconds. Each 3-second draw contains approximately 4.15 mg of active product.

Onset Time: 2 minutes - 4 minutes

Duration: 1 hour - 4 hours

Dosage Calculator

Mg / Day
Days Supply
Product Mg

Mg Needed

Number of Products Needed



Cannabis oil, naturally derived terpenes


Total Rating

2 months ago


6 months ago

High thc cart. I guess I hit to much because it only last a week.
No flavor. Hit it cautiously.

10 months ago

Limenes very harsh. Very short pulls, expands, great for daytime not stoney, enhances creativity, energizing in spurts. You will definitely taste the lemon rind. I hold in my mouth first so as to take more air since it’s so harsh and the limenes stick with you. I find a don’t need to chase with medical grade vape cbd. I like it

10 months ago

My favorite product in the shop and my standard purchase. I vape this on the way to work and it boosts my creativity and productivity, so I tear it up for the first half of the day. The atta-girls and thanks and praise I’ve received for the last couple months, LOL, aided by Myakka Native. It’s fabulous for anxiety and depression, too. It does NOT last 10 days, but I probably overuse it.

12 months ago

One of my favorite strains from Florida’s Finest. Dont trust me, just try it out for yourself. It’s absolutely mind blowing in a fantastic kinda way. I love drawing and I was focused, clear minded AND had no pain in my shoulder. Gonna try Arts O.G. next. I’ll definitely write a review on my experience on that one as well.

1 year ago

Taste like sawgrass or Florida brush being cleared, calming, alleviating and great for day time.
My issue with F.Finest carts the old draw ones leave a little behind while the draw bill seem to go fast.

1 year ago

Much better than the new product Surf Reefer or something like that. This is really mellow. Allows for creativity to flow.

1 year ago

Oil is very good and nice calming effect for me when I was actually able to get it to hit. 3 stars because the times that I did get it to work I got half a hit from it. Nice oil but wouldn’t purchase again

1 year ago

I really like this strain. Yes, the cartridge is a little hard to pull, but after just 2-3 consecutive hits, it starts to flow a little smoother. I was interested in this strain because it’s a Sativa and a local Florida bud.
Yes, it does have a slight coffee essence, I find it very pleasant. Also, it’s not an appetite suppressant, so the first few times I found myself craving cheesy and fried foods, even while I was on the treadmill. But once I identify this, I just talk myself out of it. The high from this oil is nice, and doesn’t last very long. Perfect for your ride to work, or on the way to doing something.
I would definitely like to keep this one around for an uplifting and mind easing strain.

1 year ago

This blend made me feel very uplifted and creative. I found myself wanting to make crafts, or plant some flowers. I hate the cartridge because it’s not comfortable in the mouth while taking a puff. This is a great hybrid, so that made up for it.

1 year ago

I just purchased this cart for the first time today. The one star is for the cart itself and not the contents. I got home and was super excited to try this, screwed it in to my CCELL M3…and nothing…Adjusted the flow…nothing…put my CCELL cart back in…it worked fine, tried the FF cart again…nothing. Fortunately I was able to salvage the contents by putting in another cart. I will NEVER buy these carts again…The contents on the other hand…GREAT!

1 year ago

You could taste the Citrus. Very nice … I broke my neck so this helps me when I do therapy in the pool and everywhere else very nice.

1 year ago

The best I’ve been in. Great caring people
I am very pleased

1 year ago

Instantly had my anxiety under control. It makes me a little sleepier than I usually prefer, so I’ll be using it mostly when I don’t have a lot going on. Tastes a bit like burnt coffee, but I don’t mind.

1 year ago

Euphoria, brighter colors and a substantial amount of laughter. This is a great strain for getting projects done.

2 years ago

Erratic draws, even following all of the directions and tips. Also experiences the scary “sizzle” at times. Harsh product.I am not sure that I will continue with Myakka. Much prefer the Relief and Zen pens.

2 years ago

For me, this strain acts more like an indica, even though its not. I now use it for a bedtime aid to help me sleep. Mission accomplished. Just goes to show that not everyone reacts the same to various strains.

2 years ago

This was a difficult pick for me at first because 60 for a cartridge isn’t cheap, but the description of this strain via the Floridas Finest website as well as the physical presentation of this product ultimately prompted me to spend the coin.

I was quite surprised at the quality of the product. This is a great sativa-dominant strain that allows you to remain task-oriented while medicating. I noticed a boost in appetite and mood with this strain. I wish I could have found some more info on WikiLeaf or Leafly, but overall I rate my high an 8/10 and I would definitely buy this again. A sativa-hybrid native to Florida, supposedly, but I would absolutely recommend this for “early afternoon smoking”. If the price of this came down a little bit I would bump up my rating

2 years ago

I guess I’m more of an Indica person this one did give me energy but it made me jittery to the point I could not make up my mind what to do however it does deliver pain relief and appetite however Art’s OG has worked much better for me I just wish Florida’s finest would spend less money on fancy boxes and glass vials and let us have a little more product in our variable flow cartridge overall love the products

2 years ago

I enjoy this one just as much as the Tillamook Strawberry. I find this one comes in a close second with Art’s OG. If you can’t get TS, this is definitely a good substitute.

2 years ago

I really like all of the Florida finest products. Clogging had become an issue but a wonderful person in the store explained that holding down the button and putting it to your ear and listening to it Sizzle a bit completely unclogs the pipe before you take a draw

2 years ago

On my third cartridge of Myakka. My hands down favorite for daytime use. Uplifting and relaxing at the same time. Can function superbly without getting tired later on. After about an hour or so, I take another draw and resume where I started the first time. Good for focus and it does not affect my appetite. If your having problems drawing, after using about half of the contents, try plunging the orifice with a common wooden toothpick. It’ll solve your drawing issues. Works every time!

2 years ago

This ones more of a body high to the point of couch potato. Personally, it’s not for me. The pens make an odd sounds, it’s scary. At times I have a hard time inhaling the product no matter the setting. It works fine now I guess I had to “break it in”? It still makes a short circuit sound I’m afraid this thing may blow up on me. Flavor is very citrus lemon and did not feel great on my throat.

2 years ago

Very professional very knowledgeable and always wanting to help! Kelsey, Daisy, Ole,Ramello and Tony have always gone above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction and find the right product

2 years ago

Great products good quality and Jean Marie shows up on delivery I time every time thankyou surterra

2 years ago

Great product, I wanted to mention to those who say it’s hard to pull from; make sure to not cover the flow vent when you’re taking your dose, only the top mouthpiece. It makes a huge difference.

2 years ago

First time visit and patient in Surterra Wellness in Deltona Fl. Upon entering the door, I received hellos from everyone, asked if I wanted something to drink and was being entered into the computer. These are very nice people at this site. The lady who confirmed me with my data in the PC took me to the wall of products and explained everything. The wifi was available but nobody knew the password, so I used my own mobile data for CanPay. ZEN is exactly what is explained in text. Great product and when completely done, throw away pen. Medication lasted for many hours. My Trulieve pen didn’t work with Surterra’s other vape cartridges; I needed to buy theirs, but ZEN has it’s own battery pen. First time patient helped me to save $50 when purchase was over $100. I recommend this site. MYAKKA NATIVE vapes good with strong sativa and lasts for hours.

2 years ago

Just got my delivery yesterday. I m more than happy, Melissa was polite and friendly. She called to tell me the window for my delivery and called again to advise as her arrival was nearby. She explained and answered questions. Being elderly and disabled, delivery is great and free delivery…couldnt ask for more. Thank you Melissa and Surterra.

2 years ago

I purchased 3 cartridges and the product was good but the cartridges suck Big Time ; you suck your brains out and get very little in return. For that reason I will buy what I need from elsewhere .

2 years ago

Ro delivered on time and gave a thorough explanation of what to use during daytime and what to use in the evening.

2 years ago

Very harsh no matter where you put the flow. My lungs hurt the next day and I am not new to vapes. I’ve tried four Florida dispensaries and countless types – this stuff is horrible.

2 years ago

Idk how to rate this, I cannot get a good drag, and if I do, or kinda geat a taste, zero exhale.

2 years ago

Being a paraplegic for 30 years now I can finally relax and get a good nights sleep with less muscle spasms. It doesn’t take much at all.

Excellent product

2 years ago

As a paraplegic for 30 years now this product greatly reduces my muscle spasms and central cord pain. I can now sleep much better.

2 years ago

Love the effects. I only experienced a little bit of clogging.

2 years ago

I appreciated everything about Myakka except the taste. I found the taste to be less ‘earthy’ tasting and more ‘cardboard’ like taste.

2 years ago

Awesome product. No longer need to take Ambien ER pills. One dose before bedtime, no pain, no insomnia, when I awake to go to the bathroom, I go right back to sleep.