Oregon Noble (Drift) – Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge





Full Spectrum Vape Cartridges are strain-based and feature cannabis-derived terpenes, so you’re getting an experience that harnesses the full power of the plant.

Drift is our line of indica-leaning products and strains. Most people will experience a sedative effect, with an allover relaxation in the body and mind.

Oregon Noble, an indica-dominant strain, may leave you feeling euphoric and talkative, yet calm and with an allover body relaxation. It has an herbal, piney taste with a hint of sweetness.

Cartridges are sized for 510 thread batteries. THC and CBD potency may vary.

The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 10mg per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 100 total doses per unit.

30 day = $48 | 50 day = $79 | 70 day = $111

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3 weeks ago

I have tried many carts from several different dispensaries and this was my first time using this full spectrum cart. All I have to say is that this is an amazing product. Is it a bit pricey? Yes, but its about the best quality cart I’ve used thus far and it’s a whole gram. The taste was satisfactory and tasted like some earthy flower (I enjoyed the flavor). The effects were great as well. I have a very very high tolerance, more than most people and after a couple puffs I was feeling the effects. This was not an overwhelming high which I liked and was very calming and relaxing. I’ve started taking this before bed since it is an Indica and I’ve gotten some of the best sleep. Will definitely be buying again. Can’t wait to try more strains of this cart.

3 weeks ago

The flavor of the vape takes a little getting used to but the high is extremely mellowing. A worthwhile purchase if you want to relax or have insomnia

1 month ago

Solid indica. Very relaxing to me, but not drowsy.