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Relief 1:9 (Texas) – Lozenges

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***This product is only available to patients in the state of Texas.***

Comfort your body & mind with a wave of watermelon. Each package contains 20 Lozenges, formulated with 5 mg of active cannabinoids in a 1:9 ratio.

Relief Lozenges may help you relax with potent expected psychoactive effects.

Relief Lozenges are sugar free and crafted with natural watermelon flavor.

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Dosing & Usage

Cannabinoid Content

CBD 0.5 mg

THC 4.5 mg

5 mg (THC & CBD)

Suggested Starting Dose

Suggested Starting Dose is 5mg, which is one Lozenge. Your recommended dosage may vary significantly– please consult with your physician for proper dosage. Total Doses: 20

How to use this product

  • 1

    Place one Lozenge in your mouth, between the cheek and gum, and let it dissolve completely.

  • 2

    We do not recommend chewing the Lozenge.

Onset Time: 30 - 60 Mins

Duration: 6 - 8 Hours


Cannabis Oil, Isomalt, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Natural Watermelon Flavor, Red 40


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