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Discover inner peace. Comfort your body and mind.

Relief Theragels can help you relax with potent expected psychoactive effects. Relief’s unique formula combines a high ratio of THC to CBD with naturally occurring terpenes that enhance your overall well-being.

Theragels are a familiar and discreet way to consume our all-natural cannabinoid and terpene blends. They’re odorless, flavorless and come in easy-to-understand doses that provide long-lasting effects.


Cannabis oil, naturally derived terpenes, MCT Oil, bovine gelatin


Total Rating

4 months ago

For pain relief and the best sleep I’ve had in years the Relief Theragels work amazingly well. What a blessing to wake up refreshed and limber.

6 months ago

The Relief Theragels work well providing sustained and effective relief for a wide variety of systems.

I have severe stricturing of ~ 15 sections of my lower bowel (stricture: narrowing due to repeated bouts of inflammation, surgical scarring, etc..) due to Crohn’s disease, first diagnosed in 2002′ just a few months before finishing my 4 year tour in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Taking just one (1) pill about 30 minutes prior to bed really helps in managing the pain, cramping, anxiety and general restlessness that comes as a result of these “strictures” I have to deal with each and every day.

9 months ago

Gel caps great but they have been out of for months

10 months ago

The theragels work great. Lasts a long time. Highly recommend.