Coral Reefer

TideRider Premium Vaporizer – Dark Wood

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Vaporizing pure cannabis oil is considered a safer alternative to smoking. Vaping provides an array of benefits ranging from immediate relief to greater flavor and minimal odor. When activated, the vape pen will heat the cannabis oil to its boiling point turning it into vapor. This vapor allows patients to inhale the beneficial cannabinoids without extra carcinogens or tar. Due to the concentration of the product, a little will go a long way with effects lasting up to 4 hours. Onset time is 2 to 4 minutes.

For use with the Coral Reefer TideRider vaporizer pods.


Total Rating

7 months ago

Recently decided to try this with a Cabana Daydream pod, absolutely fantastic experience. Love the device and the flavor, highly recommended!!!

8 months ago

I have gone through 6 pods with leaking, not being able to draw from it without hot oil that burnt my lip. Then the last time I went in, instead of say sorry for that. No I get took back in a little room with some man that was looking at everything and looking at me as if I’m a liar and just wanted free stuff. So instead of replacing them he told me all they can do is give me 50% off my next purchase of pods. I have never felt like that. I’m not looking for free stuff. I want well working products that work as I was told. You cant just take them everywhere. It as to stay separate for the battery. I felt like everything they told me about this so call wonderful vape pen. Lies,lies and more lies.
So if I was anyone reading this I wouldn’t waste my money. Bc I wasted money I didn’t have for a product that just threw my money away. Thanks for that and humiliating feeling I was given the last time in the store.

8 months ago

I have 3 of these devices (I kept losing then finding them after repurchasing) and every single one is still going strong after much use and abuse! These are my favorite battery of any dispensary by far, and they are reliable and consistent. Never an issue with battery life….I barely ever have to charge it compared to my pen batteries. Definitely recommend

9 months ago

I was very excited to purchase one with the special . I mean come on it’s a surfboard…you must have one… long story short … the actual product is by far the best blend you just can’t get it out of the damn thing – too many extra steps to save your already high price . Bring on the surfboard and the great product just make sure someone tries it before it’s released – disappointed as usual in this State …( Staff in Port Orange are great !)

10 months ago

The devise is not that good. Doesn’t tend to hold a charge. Pass on the pods even though a better buy than vapes.

11 months ago

I unfortunately was only able to use it for one charge. I received the vaporizer and charged it, it worked great and when I went to recharge it for the second time it didn’t hold a charge and the connector that comes with it for recharging broke apart when I inserted it. I think I will stick with disposable for now but hope they come up with plastic-free alternatives in the future.