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New Strains!

Light It Up!

Check out these new Premium Indoor Flower strains from our grow & our friends at The Flowery.




Genetics: ZODA x Sea 91

Follow the earthy, gassy aroma to a place of elevated yet peaceful serenity in your mind & body. Sodiac is where the stars align for a balanced effect with a revitalizing kick. 

The Flowery

Jet Fuel OG


Genetics: Aspen OG x High Country Diesel

Get ready for takeoff with this gassed-up heavy hitter. Most people experience euphoric & uplifting cerebral effects accompanied by a balanced physical relaxation. 



Genetics: White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato 

This trichome-coated strain has an aroma of tangerines with a hint of gasoline and a sweet, earthy flavor. Most people experience a calm, uplifting effect that is sure to put a sunny smile on your face. 

Banana Macaroon


Genetics: Dosidos x Banana Punch

When these two Tiki Madmen-cut strains met, the result was a deliciously sweet strain with notes of cream, fruit, and earthy diesel. Most people experience perfectly balanced uplifting yet relaxing effects in the body & mind. 



Genetics: Purple Thai x Afghan

Blueberry’s vibrant green and deep purple nugs are covered in bright orange hairs and tasty trichomes, with a fruity, sweet aroma -- like bag of blueberry muffins with a hint of fueled-up funk. Most people experience a euphoric mood and an allover sense of peaceful relaxation. 

Beach Crasher


Genetics: Wedding Crasher x TK Bx1

The tiny, dense, trichome-coated buds of this soothing strain carry an aroma of earthy diesel with a slight nutty finish. Most people experience an uplifted, creative mood accompanied by mellow physical relaxation. 


Absolutely a great dispensary. Team is always ready with a smile and patient to a fault with MMUR questions. This dispensary goes above and beyond in customer service and is always open to any issues you might have before or after product purchase. ...Between the rewards points you accumulate and the regular sales they have across all product lines, you will not go broke or sacrifice quality. ...Surterra should be a regular stop. And the Coral Reefer line is AMAZING!


Sara F.


Very friendly staff! They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. The team is very knowledgeable about all products and very helpful to find the right thing for you. Clean space and quick service.




Surterra is, by far, the best dispensary out of the 5 in my neighborhood. I need a high THC for pain relief, etc. and Surterra generally has some 30%+.  Their discounts and rewards program are the best in the area.  The budtenders and support staff are awesome.


Glenna C.


Surterra has the best pre-rolls in my area of multiple dispensaries to choose from. They're not too tight & burn great. This is the place to get your pre-rolls folks!


Sherry M.


The customer service and products I received are top notch. As a new patient they've taken the time to answer all my questions and ensure that I completely understand, not just make the sale and rush me out the door like other places. The daily sales and special discount offers make things very affordable...the attention I receive from the customer service reps will keep me coming back.


Tony c.


This is my absolute favorite dispensary. Daily deals, amazing customer service, and phenomenal products. Surterra has been coming out swinging with the recent new flower strains! They are by far the most efficient/fastest dispensary I've ever been to. 12/10, highly recommend.


Amanda R.