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What is it like to walk without joint pain, or wake up and feel well-rested? You’ve lived with your ailments for so long that you’ve forgotten who you are without them. Surterra Wellness may help with the sleeplessness, the aches and pains, the daily anxieties – and help you be your best self again.

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19 CBD : 1 THC

Quiet the distractions. Find physical and mental peace.


12.5 CBD : 1 THC

Soften the edges. Ease physical and mental tension.


5 CBD : 1 THC

Focus your energy. Elevate your mindset.


1 CBD : 1 THC

Align your reality. Find the balance you need.


1 CBD : 4 THC

Release the tension. Enhance your state of mind.


1 CBD : 9 THC

Discover inner peace. Comfort your body and mind.


1 CBD : 1 THC

Revitalize your day. Uplift and inspire your mood.


1 CBD : 9 THC

Unwind into a peaceful dream. Rest and restore your body.

The Cannabis Essentials

Vaporizer Pens

  • Available in: Serene, Soothe, Zen, Relief, Revive and Dream
  • Total CBD and THC: 250mg
  • Sizes: 0.3mL


Vaporizer Pods

  • Available in: Serene, Soothe, Zen, Relief, Revive and Dream
  • Total CBD and THC: 415mg
  • Sizes: 0.5mL



  • Available in: Tranquil, Calm, Serene, Soothe, Zen, Relief, Revive and Dream
  • Total CBD and THC: 300mg, 600mg, 1350mg
  • Sizes: 15mL, 30mL, 30mL Extra Strength


Pure Reserve Oils

  • Available in: Calm, Serene, Soothe, Zen and Relief
  • Total CBD and THC: 900mg
  • Sizes: 1.2mL



  • Available in: Calm, Serene, Soothe, Zen, Relief, Revive and Dream
  • Total CBD and THC: 10mg/Theragel
  • Sizes: 20ct, 2ct



  • Available in: Calm, Serene, Soothe, Zen and Relief
  • Total CBD and THC: 20mg
  • Sizes: 1 patch, 7 patch



  • Available in: Calm and Soothe
  • Total CBD and THC: 360mg
  • Sizes: 50mL


Liquid Drops

  • Available in: Relief
  • Total CBD and THC: 300mg
  • Sizes: 8mL


Sublingual Drops

  • Available in: Calm, Soothe, Relief
  • Total CBD and THC: 100mg
  • Sizes: 20ct


Product Icon Key

Look for these symbols on your packaging for specific information on the product you purchased.

Typical Onset Time

Average Duration

Expected Psychoactivity

Daytime/Nightime Use
Shop Surterra Wellness for the all new high-performance battery and vape pod

New High-Performance Battery & Vape Pod

Our rechargeable battery unit features revolutionary C-Cell technology that provides consistent, high-quality performance without sacrificing user experience.

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More Ways to Live Well

Revive is carefully balanced blend of CBD and THC that may help energize your day while maintaining a clear headspace. Dream is a high-THC formula that may help you unwind, rest and restore your body.

New Pure Reserve Oil Precise Dosing Applicator

The Precise Dosing Applicator makes it easy to see and dispense the exact amount of oil you need with less mess and less potential for wasted product.


Why are we “refreshing” the Surterra Wellness line of products. What is the company’s purpose/goal in changing?

Our main goal with the refreshed product brand is to create a better user experience for our customers through detailed dosing recommendations, clear ‘how to use’ instructions, and accurate onset time/duration icons all in a more user-friendly package.

Is there any change or difference in your product?

We’ve simply given our products a facelift and made them easier to navigate. The cannabinoid ratios, terpene profiles, and production processes all remain the same which means you can expect the same results/benefits that you have always received from Surterra Wellness products. Furthermore, our products are derived from the same cannabis genetics, grown in house, and undergo vigorous third-party testing to ensure safety.

What new products will Surterra Wellness offer with the brand refresh?

We are releasing a high CBD product family called Tranquil, expanding our Dream product line (previously RelaxPM) and Revive (previously ReviveAM) offerings to include tinctures and Theragels. We are launching our high-performance vape system, and now offering our Theragels in a 20-count jar.

My experience was different than what the icons say on the packaging. Is there something wrong with my product?

The icons on the package indicate the typical onset time, duration, and level of psychoactivity among our customers. Your experience may vary based upon your overall health and cannabis use history. It may mean you need to change to a different product family or administration route to achieve your desired effects.

Why have your prices increased?

With the recent price increases to our disposable vape pens, we’ve added value by now offering 250mg in our disposable vapes vs. the previous 230mg of active cannabinoids. We also have a new precise-dosing applicator for our Pure Reserve Oil. These two changes help to improve your overall user experience with our Surterra Wellness products.

Does your new battery come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a warranty of 12 months after purchase. Faulty batteries will be collected at the store level by retail staff and returned to the vendor at the end of every month.

Do you use any cutting agents or additives?

Surterra Wellness products do not include any artificial additives or cutting agents. This includes Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vitamin E acetate. The news of people becoming ill by e-cigarettes underscores the importance of a legal and licensed cannabis market. Patient and consumer satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities. Cannabis vaping products, which are sold in licensed dispensaries, pass rigorous testing procedures. As a vertically integrated cannabis company, all of our products are tracked from seed to sale. We relentlessly follow strict state-by-state compliance and safety standards required for legitimate companies.

What do the icons mean?

The icons communicate the suggested time of day for use, expected levels of psychoactive effect, typical onset time, and the typical duration. The onset time and duration will change based on the administration route (vapes, tinctures, etc.) while the suggested time of day/night and psychoactivity will change by product family (Calm, Serene, etc.)

How do you open your child-resistant packaging?

For our disposable vapes, pods, and pure reserve oil, place the packaging in the palm of your hand, squeeze the black side button with your thumb and push down with your index finger until the inside tray, and the product is revealed.

What do the different colors mean?

Each color now represents a different product family. Each family’s unique ratio and terpene profile is indicated by the color throughout all our categories to make it easier for you to recognize your desired product family across our product line.

How do I use the new Pure Reserve Oil device?

Twist the bottom to prime the desired amount of Pure Reserve Oil and press to release. Each line on the applicator is equal to approximately 40mg of cannabinoids.

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Allergies: I see almond flavors in your tinctures. Does this mean that people with nut allergies should avoid this product line?

Surterra Wellness tinctures do not contain allergens. We receive a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and safety data report from the manufacturer that verifies the absence of allergens for all of our flavors.

How do I know which products are best for me?

We always recommend consulting with your prescribing physician to determine which products are best for you. Our retail and call center staffs are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products as well.

Some of your products have the same ratios, does this mean they have the same effect?

While some of our product families share the same CBD:THC ratio (Soothe/Revive 1:1, Relief/Dream 1:9), their effects differ due to their unique terpene profiles Our terpene blends help to produce each product’s unique entourage effect.