We’re on our way, Texas

Soon, Texas residents with intractable epilepsy will be getting the natural relief they deserve with the highest quality, most consistent and purest products available in the market today.

Surterra Wellness, a leading medical cannabis company, will soon be proudly supporting Texas patients.

We are excited and honored to provide relief to Texans in need. Our license has been approved by the state and we are currently growing our first crop of natural medicine. Our low-THC cannabis products will be available for delivery statewide. Please sign up via email to receive updates as soon as our products become available.


Are you or a loved one diagnosed with intractable epilepsy? The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows patients with intractable epilepsy to purchase low-THC cannabis products. We're here to help you every step of the way along your Wellness Journey, beginning with learning how to sign up and qualify for natural relief.

How To Sign Up

Physicians: Your patients rely on your expertise and advice. Our experienced physician liaisons can help enable you to help your patients find relief through low-THC medical cannabis.

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We promise to provide safe, natural and consistent

low-THC cannabis products that empower people to live well.

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The Surterra Difference

I went to Surterra Wellness as a last hope. My daughter, Emma, had her first seizure when she was just 15-months-old. She has since been through hundreds of tests, countless traditional pharmaceuticals with life-altering side effects, all sorts of untested trials and nothing has worked. Emma would have drop seizures, where her body would completely seize and she would abruptly fall to the ground. Drop seizures are extremely dangerous because the risk of head trauma is so high and this diagnoses requires parents to keep their child confined, oftentimes in wheel chairs, so they cannot hurt themselves if they fall. Her speech was difficult to understand, and we knew we needed to look for other options to help Emma have a chance a “quality” life.

That’s when, by the grace of God, we found Surterra. We started using low-THC cannabis oil and Emma’s life completely changed. Emma is now a talkative, outgoing and active 7-year-old. Just the other day, I was watching my little girl ride a bike, something I never even dreamed was possible and my eyes started to well-up with tears. Emma caught me, and asked, “Why are you crying, mama?” The realization that my little girl had just rode her bike to me and asked me a question hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was in complete awe. I am so proud to say that Emma has been seizure free since January 25 and her life has completely changed. Our family now refers to medical cannabis as “liquid hope” because that is what it has given Emma. Surterra Wellness has been nothing short of a miracle for my daughter, me and our entire family, and I will forever be grateful to them for changing our lives.

Felicia D. Mother of Emma

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