Valued Patients & Customers:

As you are aware, Surterra Wellness offers you options on how to purchase the cannabis products in our Wellness Centers, including payment in cash, with CanPay, or through a LINX card, which enables you to transfer funds from your credit card to make your purchases.

On July 15, we received notification from LINX that the company will be conducting updates to their system starting Tuesday, July 16, which will temporarily impact your ability to add new funds to the LINX card to be used to purchase Surterra products. Because of their service updates, some customers may also notice that funds from their credit cards may be transferred to cover previous loads to their LINX cards that were not subtracted from their credit card balances. Please be reassured that if you see this activity, you are not being charged twice, but that LINX is catching up their billing for past charges that you made to load your LINX card.

What this means if you use LINX as your preferred payment option:

  • If you loaded funds onto your LINX card before July 15, you can still use it to make purchases during the system update period.
  • If you do not have adequate funds loaded onto your LINX card, you can apply the balance to your purchases and pay cash for the remainder.
  • If you do not have funds on your LINX card, you can use your checking account with CanPay, or use cash, and we have ATMs in all our Wellness Centers.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask for your patience. We are working to find a better, longer term payment solution, which we hope to have in place soon. We hope that LINX will complete their service update before that time, so you can have seamless service. In the meantime, if you have a critical concern, please speak to one of our Wellness Center managers.

Federal regulations continue to restrict consumer credit card transactions in the cannabis space. Surterra is committed to providing fully compliant payment options for patients while protecting our patients’ personal financial information.

We will keep you informed as we learn more from LINX through: direct emails to you, updates on the Surterra Wellness website at, and on our social media pages. You can also speak to anyone at our Wellness Centers.

Our patients and customers remain our top priority, and the reason why we continue to support smart federal banking solutions for cannabis operators – so that everyone can have equal access to the health and wellness they desire and deserve.


– Your Surterra Team