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Empowering your loved ones to pursue the safest, most naturally derived treatments to enable their health and well-being.

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Natural Relief

The most consistent and pure products available means knowing exactly what you’re getting in our products. Our plants are grown in the largest cannabis greenhouse in the state of Florida with no harmful chemicals or harmful ingredients.

We provide you with the safest, most consistent ingredients, cultivated by hand and blended specifically for medical benefits. Time after time you get superior quality and the most effective natural relief available.

Each of us has a loved one adamantly pursuing their right to live a better quality of life. Motivated by their stories​, the people at Surterra Wellness are driven to create the safest, most natural wellness treatments so that they can find relief.”

We craft the kind of cannabis-derived medicine and compassionate patient
experience that we would want for our own families.

Industry Leading

We lead the industry with 90%+ pure cannabis oil. That’s because we take refinement further than other medical cannabis companies in order to produce the most pure, unadulterated cannabis oil possible. While others extract and refine at a basic level, leaving unwanted waxes and plant-matter, we strip away all the unwanted elements. What we’re left with is beautifully refined, purified golden-hued cannabis oil, unlike any in the industry.


Effect-Driven Products
Instead of Strains

Strain names have long been the only way to roughly communicate the general effects of cannabis varieties, however recent studies show that each individual strain’s genetics actually varies quite widely from greenhouse to greenhouse, harvest-to-harvest, and even plant-to-plant based upon the individual micro-climate.

We’ve joined a growing number of medical cannabis companies that are choosing to produce a more consistent product that doesn’t rely solely upon strains, but instead goes deeper and combines the pure THC and CBD cannabinoids and targeted terpenes into precise ratios​ to ensure our products deliver consistent effects and medical benefits in each and every dose, so that you’ll never have to worry.

Consistency graphs: Surterra vs. Competitors

The third-party test data below is self-published by Surterra and another MMTC


The Benefits of Whole
Plant Medicine

At Surterra, we know that consistently better medicine cannot rely on just strains and high-THC products alone, but instead must deliver the benefits from the entire cannabis plant, and that means blending the right mix of THC and CBD. While some may not understand the special relationship between THC and CBD, we know that the two actually work better together when paired in the right ratios in your body. This is called the “Entourage Effect”. But, we don’t stop there. We also take advantage of the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes (molecules that significantly determine the unique therapeutic effects) to create individual terpene blends targeted for specific medical conditions. The result? A product that reaps all the benefits of nature to deliver the greatest medical benefits.


Personalized Service,
Access and Advocacy

We’re with you every step of the way from finding the right medicine with the help of our wellness experts to learning how to navigate Florida’s Medical Marijuana laws to obtaining your ID card and finding the right physician. We continuously advocate for patient access, supporting natural alternatives for healthy living and empowering wellness. With state-wide delivery anywhere in Florida, dispensaries in Tampa and Tallahassee and many more under construction throughout the state, we strive to bring you the power of wellness and the confidence to live your life the way you want.

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Looking for additional information? Our Wellness Experts are available to help answer your questions, including product-specific questions, how to navigate Florida’s medical marijuana laws and more.

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