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Cannabis and Fitness with Pierre Vuala

"Cannabis can play a big role in helping deal with your aching sore muscles."

June 25, 2019
Pierre Vuala

This post written and contributed by Pierre Vuala, founder of B3 and Surterra Wellness brand ambassador.

Some may think that cannabis and fitness would be on the opposite spectrum of each other, when in contrary cannabis can actually aid and improve your fitness lifestyle.

I am pretty sure that we have all experienced those few days post-training where walking up or down steps seem like torture or extending your arms is next to impossible. That soreness is, unfortunately, part of the process. You need to tear those muscle fibers down to make them stronger. But do not be dismayed, cannabis can play a big role in helping deal with your aching sore muscles. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe those sore muscles. This is not just “bro science” it is actually backed up by scientific research. With less inflammation, you will have less downtime between those workout sessions and more time to get after your fitness in the gym.

This anti-inflammatory property goes hand-in-hand with any workout injury you may be dealing with. Not only can cannabis decrease inflammation, but it also has a pain-relieving attribute. You may be dealing with some sort of sprain or strain. That pain can feel crippling at times. Our first instinct is to pop some sort of pain-killing pill full of ingredients you cannot even pronounce. Why not keep it simple and holistic with cannabis?

Now that our downtime between gym sessions is cut back, we need to kill it in the gym. I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes it is really hard to stay focused in the gym. This may sound a bit eccentric, but I highly recommend trying cannabis as a pre-workout aid. You have to find a product with a balance of THC, CBD, and terpenes that will uplift you and improve your mood. Certain types of cannabis actually increase your pain threshold, which in turn increases your endurance.

The first ten minutes of running is like torture, but when I use cannabis prior to a run, I can knock out a good 5 miles with next to no discomfort.

—Pierre Vuala

For example, I am not big on running long distance because of the discomfort. The first ten minutes of running is like torture, but when I use cannabis prior to a run, I can knock out a good 5 miles with next to no discomfort. I’m fully focused the whole time. Another example is lifting. As you perform a lift, lactic acid starts to build with every repetition, causing you to cut the set short because of the fatigue and painful burn. Add cannabis to the equation and that set of eight repetitions you just did turns to twelve. And let’s not forget the boost of focus.

Did you know that cannabis can be used in ways other than smoking? There are oils and topical creams you can use to directly target your muscles. Test it, find your balance, and see what works best for you. Be sure to consult with a physician as well to see if cannabis is an option for you.

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