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Speed up your in-store experience and take home your favorite products with Good2Go!

Bonus: sprinkle in some savings magic with your loyalty points, even when you choose to pre-pay.

Here's How to Use Good2Go:

  1. Log In: Start by logging into your account. It's your gateway to a smoother experience.
  2. Check Out: Found everything you need? Great! Head over to checkout.
  3. Use Loyalty Points: Under redeemable online, click loyalty and it will turn green indicating you have applied your points.
  4. Payment Flexibility: Here's where it gets even better. You'll see an option saying, "I plan to pay at pickup with CanPay OR pre-pay with CanPay for Good2Go." Choose what suits you best!
  5. Confirmation in a Click: After selecting your payment method, keep an eye on your email. You'll receive a confirmation with a "Pay Now" link. It's your golden ticket.
  6. CanPay the Easy Way: Click on that "Pay Now" link, and it will whisk you away to your CanPay account. Once there, select "Pay Now" again to proceed.
  7. Copy & Paste Your Code: You'll get a payment code. Copy it. Then, bring back the "Pay Now" link from your confirmation email and paste the payment code there.
  8. All Set!: Your order is now safely waiting for you for 48 hours. If life gets in the way and you can't make it in time, no worries! It'll turn into store credit for your next visit, and any dispensation will be reversed.

Requires CanPay.

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