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Exploring Edibles

Find out what makes our edibles stand out in a buffet of options.

January 31, 2024

Interested in Edibles? Here’s what you need to know.

Edibles are a topic that's sparking interest and curiosity across the cannabis community, and rightly so. New to cannabis or a seasoned pro? Let's spice up your knowledge about edibles. Find out what makes our edibles stand out in a buffet of options.  

What are Edibles?

Edibles are just your favorite snacks, but with a twist – they're infused with cannabis. This means they've got THC or CBD, the stuff in cannabis that gives you that good feeling. Unlike puffing or vaping, when you eat these goodies, they take a scenic route through your body, meaning the feel-good vibes take a while to kick in but hang around longer, too.Each edible is its own adventure, so start small and go slow, as the full effect can take a while to show up.

What are the Benefits of Edibles?

Edibles are the undercover heroes in the cannabis world. They're your typical treats - candies, chocolates, cookies - but with a cannabis sprinkle of joy. Edibles are all about low-key consumption. They blend in as everyday snacks, so you can enjoy your cannabis subtly without drawing any attention. It's the perfect choice for those moments when you want to keep your cannabis use just to yourself. They also hang around longer, giving you extended chill vibes.  

The best part is that the dosing is clearly displayed, so you know exactly how much THC or CBD you're getting. Plus, they're a smoke-free option, a big win for your lungs. There's something for everyone, fitting every taste and need. Welcome to the flavorful side of cannabis!

What’s the Science Behind Edibles?

After you eat the edibles, your body gets busy. First up, digestion breaks them down. Then, the real magic happens in your liver, where THC transforms into a more potent form. This change is why edibles pack a delayed but stronger punch. The effects then spread through your body, interacting with receptors, which explains the diverse impacts like mood boosts and pain relief.  

Fun fact: cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning they depend on fats to fully dissolve in your body. That’s why homemade edible recipes usually start with an infused butter base. It’s also why you shouldn’t feel guilty chowing down on a side of fries with your chosen edible – it’s literally science!  

Remember, everyone's different. Each person's journey with edibles depends on things like weight and metabolism.  

How Many Edibles Should I Consume?

Finding your sweet spot when it comes to edibles doses is all about that 'low and slow' mantra. If you're just starting out or into microdosing, stick to 1-2.5 mg. Feeling more adventurous or need stronger relief? 2.5-15 mg might be your jam. For the pros, 15-30 mg keeps you in the zone. More experienced? 30-50 mg, but tread carefully. Over 50 mg is for the high-tolerance crowd.  

What Should I Expect When I Consume Edibles?

When you snack on cannabis edibles, you just have to kick back and wait for the waves to roll in. It's a slow build – anywhere from half an hour to a few hours. And when it hits, it's a full-body and mind experience. You might feel super chill, creatively juiced, or even floaty. Some edibles lean towards tucking you in for the night, while others keep you bright-eyed. Since everyone's ride is different, expect your own vibe based on how your body talks with cannabis.  

How Do I Store My Edibles?

How you store your edibles is just as important as consuming them. Here's how you can ensure your edibles stay in the best condition and out of the wrong hands:

  1. Child-Resistant Containers: Always keep edibles in containers that little hands can't open. High shelves or locked cabinets are your best bets, far from curious kiddos.
  2. Cool and Dry: Heat and humidity are no friends to your stash, so find a cool, dry spot.
  3. Lock It Up: A lockbox or container with a key is your go-to to keep out uninvited snackers.
  4. Label Love: Keep the original patient labels on and clear. When in doubt, label it out.
  5. Knowledge is Power: Make sure everyone knows the deal with medical cannabis at home.

What Types of Edibles Does Surterra Sell?

We have a variety of edibles crafted for every unique pallet.  Sweetened with organic ingredients for a natural taste, they're as thoughtful about health as they are about flavor.

Heights Chocolate
  • Heights Chocolate Bars: Whether you prefer the creamy touch of milk chocolate or the rich essence of dark chocolate, our bars deliver 100 mg of THC divided into 5 mg pieces for precise dosing.
Heights Fruit Chews
  • Heights Chews: Bite into the juicy flavors of Mixed Berry or the zest of Tangerine, each with 5 mg of THC per chew, perfect for on-the-go relief.
Heights Gels
  • Heights Gels: Choose your vibe with Lemon or Pear Indica for relaxation or Orange Sativa for an energetic lift, each gel containing 5 mg of THC.
Surterra Wellness Lozenges
  • Surterra Wellness Lozenges: Find your balance with Watermelon or Lemon, available in ratios to suit your needs, sugar-free and naturally flavored.
Heights Mints
  • Heights Mints: Refresh with Peppermint, Peach Mango, or Blackberry, each mint infused with 2.5 mg of THC, ideal for subtle, soothing effects.

Find Your Flavor

Ready to elevate your wellness routine? We are here with a curated selection of top-tier cannabis edibles. Our chocolates, chews, gels, lozenges, and mints are your ticket to balanced well-being. Come explore the possibilities and find your perfect cannabis edibles; your enhanced wellness experience is just one bite away.

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