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“Higher Etiquette” by Lizzie Post

"For those who consume cannabis, weed etiquette is real, and it was high time someone wrote a book about it."

August 27, 2019

In “Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties” author and media personality Lizzie Post—great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, the woman who literally wrote the book on etiquette—brings her family’s legacy of good manners to cannabis culture. As the door closes on the “Cheech and Chong” era of pothead and stoner stereotypes, Post welcomes you to enjoy cannabis in a way that is safe, thoughtful and considerate of others. She offers a refreshing, in-depth take on common traditions along with an original perspective on how to enjoy, share and respect cannabis as a community. The book is beautifully bound, easy to navigate and elegantly written. “Higher Etiquette” combines cannabis and dinner parties as seamlessly as pairing wine with a meal or aligning a dessert spoon with a place-setting.

For those who consume cannabis, weed etiquette is real, and it was high time someone wrote a book about it.

—Lizzie Post

Etiquette among cannabis connoisseurs is nothing new. Post tells us that “cannabis culture is baked in etiquette, has been for a long time, and goes far beyond puff-puff-pass.” She takes the traditional principles that lay the foundation for why etiquette is important and applies them to the changing landscapes of the cannabis world. In any given situation, she explains, “good etiquette looks for the outcome that positively benefits the most people.”

Post outlines consideration, respect and honesty as the main principles of etiquette. In the world of cannabis, she found that respect stood out among the principles as vital to the evolving culture, shortly followed by generosity, gratitude, and sharing.

Throughout the book, these principles are applied to all aspects of social cannabis consumption—without coming off like a strict set of rules. Her tips aren’t binding, but once you read them it’s easy to appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into her writing.

Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette. It is not some rigid code of manners.

—Emily Post

Post shows us that even the most casual hangouts can be elevated with simple, modest gestures and remarks. Asking questions, offering to serve the person next to you before yourself, and making sure everyone in the group is being included equally are all habits that can deepen social connections and ensure everyone is enjoying the experience.

The tone of “Higher Etiquette” is causal, easygoing and relaxed. Post comes across as a wise friend and mentor. Advice is offered without sounding overly formal or opinionated. Not sure about what to do in a given situation? Just ask. It’s the thoughtful and considerate thing to do.

Once you’ve absorbed the basic principles of cannabis etiquette, Post invites you to get creative. The next time you host a cannabis-infused dinner party, consider adorning the table setting with vape pens and thematic name cards. Manners don’t have to stiff and old-fashioned! Hosting can be fun, and you can rely on Post’s tips and tricks to ensure a safe and fabulous time for all.

“Higher Etiquette” is an all-encompassing must-read for anyone interested in the world and culture of cannabis. It’s fun, open-minded and sophisticated, with topics ranging from botany and human anatomy to etiquette advice for attending ganja yoga classes, parties and even weddings. Even if you’re well-acquainted with the plant, you’re sure to discover something new and insightful.

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