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How Cannabis Helps Allie Cook

Allie is a cannabis advocate and axe-throwing champ in Tampa. Here’s how she uses medical marijuana to feel her best.

July 12, 2023
Allie Cook

My Cannabis Journey

In 2020, I embarked on a journey that would lead me to the forefront of an emerging industry -- the medical marijuana industry. I relocated to Tampa Bay to work in an MMJ doctor's office. While working there I met an employee from Surterra who encouraged me to apply with them. I followed his advice and landed a job as a Lead Guide, where I learned a great deal about the various forms of cannabis, their effects, and how they can be used to treat various medical conditions.

Over the next three years, I worked hard and gained valuable experience. I made the jump from the retail store to the corporate office, where I currently work as a Financial Analyst. Even though I no longer work directly with patients, I still strive to advocate for their rights every chance I can. I love talking about my experience with both friends and strangers, helping them get their medical cards and teaching them about suitable products for their conditions. 

As I was learning the ropes at Surterra, I discovered a new passion: axe throwing. It all started at a friend’s birthday party where I tried my hand at this unique sport. I was immediately hooked and began attending regular league nights, gradually improving my skills and entering regional competitions. I became the top female thrower in my league, placed 6th overall and ranked in the top 42% of axe throwers worldwide. 

Cannabis & Physical Health  

Throwing is an incredibly demanding sport both mentally and physically. Cannabis helps take the edge off and clear my mind for competitions, and provides great medicinal relief for recovery after a long marathon or even a few hours of practice. My upper back gets very tired and sore from repeating the same throws for hours. Surterra’s Calm and Soothe patches are great for relieving inflammation and muscle pain. I’ve also lived with migraines my whole life, and found that the Relief patches are incredible! The icy-hot sensation on my neck combined with the right cannabinoid ratio works to ease my migraine pain like nothing else. I love that the patches last all day, so when I start hurting, I know that I’ve got long-term relief just a peel and stick away. I used to be a flower-only consumer, but now I love what topicals and edibles can do for me -- especially when paired with my inhalation products for a full range of relief! 

The benefits of cannabis go far beyond axe-throwing for me. I struggle with chronic sleep issues, so I use indica or indica-leaning vapes like Dream or Original Glue help me fall asleep along with Full Spectrum Oil to help me stay asleep. My favorite way to consume FSO is putting it on a fun-size Hershey’s bar – break it in half, put the oil in between and sandwich the pieces back together!

Cannabis & Mental Health 

Cannabis plays a huge role in my physical & mental health in so many ways. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17 years old. I struggled to figure out how to cope and what I needed to be successful in daily life, through college, jobs, relationships, and internally. I spent years attending numerous therapy sessions and trying a plethora of pharmaceutical cocktails prescribed by prescription pad-heavy psychiatrists.

I moved to Florida in 2020, and with no insurance and the start of the pandemic, I couldn’t find new medical providers. I had to stop taking the 14 pills prescribed to me daily all at once. I was terrified about what it would do to my body and that I would crash and burn without anything. Fortunately, I was able to obtain my med card. I went from taking multiple prescriptions to only using cannabis. Not only did I feel better physically, I saw improvement in every single aspect of my life. For years I felt like I was drowning, unsure of what was to come next and if I would be prepared to handle it. Once I became a patient and learned more about the medicinal qualities of cannabis, I found out how to properly care for myself in a healthy and natural way.  

I’ve had incredible success with the various methods of consumption, products and strains I’ve tried. When I feel really depressed, I love to have Rainbow Harbor flower available. I joke that it makes me feel like less garbage of a person, it’s uplifting without sparking anxiety and great for mental health. When I feel manic, which is most of the time, I rely on Full Spectrum vape cartridges in Original Glue – a hybrid strain that calms me down but doesn’t hinder my productivity or make me fall asleep.  

Winning with Weed 

I’m passionate about breaking the stigma around cannabis use and clearing up the many misconceptions about the plant. I love the cannabis industry and working with a company that truly supports me in being the best and brightest person I can be. Cannabis helped me find a freedom that I never knew could exist. 

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