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Kief: The Natural Cannabis Concentrate

"Kief is a natural cannabis concentrate that’s produced by the plant itself."

July 23, 2020

Have you ever noticed the tiny, sticky crystals that make your buds look like they sparkle? That’s kief. Kief is a natural cannabis concentrate that’s produced by the plant itself.

What is Kief?

Kief, also known as dry sift or pollen, comes from the part of the plant known as trichomes. Trichomes are like little hairs that can be found on most species of plants. Some plants use trichomes to attract pollinators, while others rely on them to deter herbivores and other threats. On the cannabis plant, these trichomes are full of the terpenes and cannabinoids that are believed to contribute to the plant’s therapeutic qualities.Kief is produced by sifting flower through layers of fine mesh screens, without using any solvents for extraction. The resulting material is highly potent and rich in terpenes with a consistency that is almost like sifted flour or finely ground sand. If you’re familiar with cannabis accessories, you’ve probably come across personal grinders or kief boxes that allow you to collect it at home – which is cool and all, but it’s easier to just let us do that work for you.

How Do I Use It?

Kief is typically meant to be inhaled. It can be used on its own, or along with other dry flower products or concentrates. Like dry flower, kief needs to be decarboxylated (or simply, heated) in order for it to create the desired experience. This is why you should never try to eat pure kief. Most people prefer to consume kief by using a dry flower vaporizer.

In states that allow for recreational use*, kief is commonly used to make cannabutter for edibles. Kief can also be used to enhance other flower products. “Moonrocks” are made by rolling a whole flower bud in a concentrate like wax or distillate (to make the surface sticky) followed by a dusting of kief. Twax joints are made in a similar way, by adding a concentrate to the outside of a traditional joint and covering it with a cannabinoid-rich kief layer.

If carefully dipping products in layers of other products isn’t your thing, kief can simply be sprinkled on top of ground flower in a joint or bowl. Don’t try this stuff at home, though, unless you happen to find yourself with legally purchased cannabis in a recreational use state.

Why Kief?

No matter how you use it, kief is a great way to get started in the world of cannabis concentrates. People who are accustomed to smokable flower may find kief to be a more familiar product than shatter, wax or distillate. Because kief is made from the most terpene and cannabinoid-rich part of the plant, most people find that it has a more potent effect than flower on its own. If you have a preferred strain of flower, it’s likely that you’ll experience similar effects when consuming the kief produced by that strain.

Float Kief is available in a variety of strains and potencies. Find your favorite today!

*In the state of Florida, kief is considered inhalable product. It is not intended to be mixed with other products, ingested orally, or consumed in any way other than the physician recommended route of administration.

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