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Ladies, Wellness Starts with You

"Stories of how [marijuana] has helped women facing some of the challenges I have been facing and the overall stigma behind marijuana helped shift my entire perspective…"

May 18, 2019
Randa Quraan

This post was written and contributed by Randa Quraan.

Let me be really raw and real here. I had a pretty messed up childhood. I was born and raised in a strict Palestinian home. Abuse is all my mother knew. I was mentally and physically abused daily. I am not saying she wasn’t the best mother she could have possibly been. I am now sure that she truly was doing the best she could have done with the cards she was dealt with.

I am sharing this because my upbringing was traumatic and caused many emotional and mental health challenges for me. The energy I gave out determined the people I attracted into my life, and I got into relationships that were toxic.

I turned to recreationally smoking marijuana when I was 14-years-old as a way to cope with the trauma I experienced. It became my go-to when I felt overwhelmed. Over time, I realized it helped me whenever I had an anxiety or panic attack, and with my depression as well.

I had my third daughter when I was 40 and ended a toxic 17-year relationship. At the moment, I had one objective in mind, and that was to fall in love with taking care of myself. My weight was over 300 pounds, and I was in a rut. I honestly had hit rock bottom, and I knew I had to make some drastic transformations to my life or I was going to die miserable and never having really lived.

I vowed to:

  1. Fall in love with the path of deep healing.
  2. Fall in love with becoming the best version of myself but with patience, with compassion and respect to my journey.

Since then, I’ve been focused on being physically active daily, prayer, meditation, and being selfish because falling in love with myself is my absolute priority.

Stories of how [marijuana] has helped women facing some of the challenges I have been facing and the overall stigma behind marijuana helped shift my entire perspective…

—Randa Quraan

I was introduced to medical marijuana at an AWOM dinner I attended at Soho Beach House for women’s month and gifted a lovely basket filled with goodies. One of the things in the box was a book “A Women’s Guide to Cannabis” by Nikki Furrer. This book opened my eyes to so much about CBD, THC, and the benefits different strains carry. The stories of how it has helped women facing some of the challenges I have been facing and the overall stigma behind marijuana helped shift my entire perspective smoking. I no longer wanted just to smoke. I wanted to make sure what I was putting in my body was helping me and not harming me in any way.

I started my wellness journey with Surterra Wellness about two months ago.

Let me be really honest here and say that there is no magic potion that you can take that will make you feel better. Life doesn’t work that way. It’s been a combination of exercising, praying, meditating, journaling, medical cannabis, and eating clean as often as possible that has transformed my overall life and opened me up to a whole new world. I can care less about the weight on the scale or how others view or perceive me.

This is my life, my journey, and I owe to myself to be the best version of myself.

It’s never too late. You are never too old. I promise you it will be hard, but it will be worth it. Put yourself first! Be selfish in the pursuit of your happiness. Do the things that make your heart smile and be authentically you. You got this, and we can do this together. 😘


Randa Quraan


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I was clueless as far as where to start. I was educated on all new products and left with confidence to begin this medicinal journey. Thank you staff for making this professional and easy!! Looking forward to working with different strains.




The place to get what you need with your medical card. The staff is very knowledgeable and will explain your every question. Thanks




Love this place. The customer service is outstanding, super helpful with finding what’s right for you. They have some of the highest quality products around, oils , flowers, edibles and a variety of CBD ratio items for when you really need medically based healing products. If you’re in pain, this is the dispensary for you. Great place.



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