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Medical Marijuana and Children: Considerations for Parents

"‍There are an infinite amount of choices that parents make for their kids. Along with school districts and extra-curricular activities, you have to make decisions about nutrition, health, and wellness."

February 1, 2019

There are an infinite amount of choices that parents make for their kids. Along with school districts and extra-curricular activities, you have to make decisions about nutrition, health, and wellness.

Having children with health issues doesn’t make parenting easier and can lead to many feelings of frustration. No one wants their child to feel sick a moment longer than they need to. This is especially true for the parents of children with conditions that have the potential to be treated with medical marijuana.

Here are five considerations for parents that want to learn more about medical marijuana for children.

1) Finding the right doctor is critical.

Building a relationship with a doctor that believes in medical marijuana is a significant part of the journey to getting your child well again. There are many doctors eager to learn more about medical marijuana so they can help people.

2) Eliminate the learning curve.

Due to heavy federal regulation, comprehensive research about marijuana is hard to get your hands on. The internet is the best source of knowledge as you’re learning about how medical marijuana can help your child. Dive into information about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, but always make sure to check your sources!

3) Join an advocacy movement.

Medical marijuana laws are different in every state. Efforts from determined parents, grassroots organizations and advocacy groups have made progress possible. By supporting local organizations fighting to increase medical marijuana access, you can help turn the medical marijuana dream into a reality in your state or nationwide.

4) Research medical trials.

Medical trials are at the forefront of cannabis medicine. They are often voluntary and are only legal in some states. Even if you aren’t ready for your child to participate in a medical trial, it will help you learn about the specific goals that modern medicine is trying to achieve with marijuana. Through trials, doctors have succeeded at both reducing seizures and shrinking tumors in children.

5) Never give up.

Becoming a Wellness Warrior for your child can come with some challenges. Consider joining online forums to meet other parents going through the same experience, so you can learn what it’s really like. No matter what you face, always remember that there is a community of supporters behind you, doing everything we can to help your child be happy and healthy.

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