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Who Is Surterra Wellness?

With 45 Florida locations, Surterra is dedicated to impacting community health, continuous product and service enhancement, and fostering collective well-being for a healthier world.

January 5, 2023

Surterra Wellness began as a pioneer after Amendment 2, planting roots and cultivating wellness products by 2016. With 45 Florida locations, Surterra is dedicated to impacting community health, continuous product and service enhancement, and fostering collective well-being for a healthier world.

What Is The Surterra Wellness Product Line?

Surterra's products are a thoughtful selection of medical marijuana blends, each uniquely formulated for specific therapeutic objectives. It's about consistency and ensuring that there's a clear path to follow whether you're exploring new strains or sticking to tried-and-true options. Through careful selection and expert advice, Surterra empowers your wellness journey with customized treatments.

Benefits of CBD from Medical Cannabis vs. Hemp

Hemp-derived CBD is great for industrial uses, while medical cannabis CBD, extracted from the flower, is where the potent stuff's at. In Florida, the THC content is the line in the sand—less than 0.3%, and you're in the clear without a card; more, and you'll need a medical nod. But really, the magic happens when CBD teams up with THC and terpenes, creating the entourage effect that many swear by for the full wellness picture.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are nature's fragrant masters, found in everything from lemons to pine needles. And when they team up with cannabinoids, they create the "Entourage Effect." It's like every compound in the plant joins forces to boost each other's good vibes, making the overall experience more special.

Our Unique Terpene Blends:

Calm Tincture

Calm (12.5:1) CBD:THC

With a 12.5:1 CBD to THC ratio, Calm is crafted to keep things mellow — less stress, less inflammation, and all the cool without the high. Calm slides into your wellness routine with Tincture, Theragels, Patches, Orange Lozenges, and Distillate Applicators.

Tranquil Tincture

Tranquil (19:1) CBD:THC

Tranquil is all about giving you that deep CBD calm with a touch of THC. It's our most CBD-rich blend, designed to ease pain and relax your body while keeping your mind alert and spirits high. With the high CBD ratio, don't expect a euphoric high, just pure, grounded tranquility.

Serene Tincture

Serene (5:1) CBD:THC

Serene was built for clear-headed vibes with just a hint of chill. Perfect for newcomers or those managing PTSD, it's your daytime companion for focus with a soft edge. And if you ever find yourself a bit too lifted, Serene's there to gently bring you back to center.  

Soothe Disposable Vape

Soothe (1:1) CBD:THC

Soothe is the perfect middle ground to ease without overwhelming. It's the blend that dances the line between relaxation and relief, backed by a terpene that targets the mind and body. With Soothe, it's about gentle relief for inflammation and discomfort, especially where it counts—in your gut and limbs.

Revive Disposable Vape

Revive (1:1) CBD:THC

Revive strikes the vibe that's more wake-up than wind-down. It's got a pinch of Sativa spirit, thanks to its terpene tag-team of Pinene and Limonene that lifts your mood and sharpens focus. Perfect for a pick-me-up, to give you that bright, alert feeling without tipping you over the edge.  

Zen Disposable Vape

Zen (1:4) CBD:THC

Zen is the mellow cousin in the lineup that will give you a gentle lift. Packed with a Limonene kick, it's here to brighten your day and keep your mood as high as the sky. It's more of an uplifter than an energizer, making it perfect for those moments when you need a sunny disposition without the extra buzz.

Relief Theragels

Relief (1:9) CBD:THC

Relief is all about THC harmony, crafted to dial down the discomfort. With a terpene mix that's big on relaxation, it's your go-to for easing into a chill state or drifting off when you're ready. Whether it's winding down after a long day or finding comfort from chronic aches, Relief is like a cozy blanket for your senses.

Dream Tincture

Dream (1:9) CBD:THC

Dream is for when you need to hit the snooze button on life. High in THC and rich in Myrcene, this blend is your ticket to lights-out. Perfect for those nights when sleep plays hard to get or when pain just won't back down. It's like a lullaby for your body, cueing you to drift off and leave the day's hustle behind.

Why don't we see high CBD vapes?

At Surterra, we stick to what's real and safe, especially with our vapes. No funny business, just the good stuff. So, why are there no high CBD vapes on the shelves? It's all about keeping it pure. CBD, in its purest form, tends to crystallize when cooled – it's like a purity badge. But to keep it vape-ready, some folks cut it with stuff we'd rather not inhale. We skip those shortcuts because your health is worth more than a smooth pour.  

Ready to dive into the world of medical cannabis? Dive in with Surterra!

Speak to your physician before trying any new cannabis product.

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My go-to dispensary! I always have a great experience here, the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for doing what you do.


Katie w.


I'm always super satisfied with the service, my product, and the persistent consistency that this dispo has been providing, where others had been lacking. They're always friendly, transparent about pricing, keeping me updated on deals, and they almost always run sales, which means I can save money on quality bud.


dane g.


Surterra is my go-to for my pain medication needs. They have a wonderful staff! They are very knowledgeable of their products. Totally recommend this dispensary.


aida b.

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