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wana + surterra

Wana’s mission aligns perfectly with ours – enhancing people’s lives through the power of cannabis. We’re proud to partner with a woman-owned business with deep ties to their home community in Boulder, CO, and a commitment to enriching all the communities they serve. Wana is working every day to enhance our world, with a special focus on issues of food security, housing, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ rights, and racial justice within the cannabis industry.


As North America’s most trusted edibles brand, Wana’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant. That means using only the highest quality ingredients, investing in cutting-edge innovation, and giving back to all the communities they serve.


Wana’s innovation team stays on the cutting edge of cannabis science. Where many companies cut corners by using inferior ingredients like animal-derived gelatin and artificial sweeteners, Wana’s carefully crafted recipes and ratios are based on years of research and development. The result? An ever-growing lineup of products, doses, ratios, onset times, and effects that open the door for virtually any adult to enjoy a customized cannabis experience.

Vegan. Melt-proof. Organic Sweeteners.

Vegan. Melt-proof. Organic Sweeteners.

Vegan. Melt-proof. Organic Sweeteners.

Vegan. Melt-proof. Organic Sweeteners.

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My new favorite edible, I have anxiety at night that keeps me up (ie. thoughts racing, every sound irritates me) and these help tremendously. I have a low tolerance so one 10mg gummy sets me right for the evening. They taste great too, sour and sweet without having the weed-like aftertaste.

- F……..e

Great product. Wana is one of my favorite go to for edibles.

- F.....0

Wana products are hands down the best edible gummies out there. They work fast and produce consistent results.

- C....i