• Get $75 off of $150 or more on your first purchase from Surterra.
  • Get $25 off of $100 or more when you purchase a second time from Surterra.

What about the original first-time patient offer? Can I choose the $50-off of $100 or more purchase?

Yes, the $50-off of $100 or more introductory offer is still valid, but is a ONE-TIME offer. You can choose the $50-off of $100 or more from your first-time purchase. However, if you choose the original introductory offer, you will not qualify for the second-purchase discount.

Can I combine this offer with other discounts?

This introductory offer cannot be combined with other promotions EXCEPT with the Holiday Scratch Off Rewards. You can combine your second purchase with your Holiday Scratch Off Reward.

What if I forget or lose my introductory offer card?

If you forget or lose your First-Time Patient introductory offer card, you can still take advantage of the offer. If this is your first time with Surterra, you will simply take advantage of this introductory offer.

What if I forget or lose my offer card for my Second Purchase?

If you forget or lose your offer card for your second purchase, our Wellness Coordinators or Customer Care representatives will just need to verify your last visit or last order placed. Once verified, the second purchase discount will be applied.

Why can’t I see the discount on my online order?

This introductory offer will be applied on the back end for all online orders. Once your patient status and order are verified, our Customer Care representative will confirm the discounted total.

This is my first time with Surterra – my friend referred me, but my discount is $50-off of $100 or more. Can I still qualify for the $75-off offer?

Yes, you can still qualify for the introductory offer, or you can choose the one time $50-off of $100 or more.

I made my first purchase before this new offer. Can I still get a second purchase discount?

If you made your first purchase before this upgraded offer, you are eligible to receive the second purchase discount. With a second purchase of $100 or more, you can receive $25 off.

Is this offer good for any Surterra product?

You can purchase ANY Surterra product with this introductory offer.

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