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  • ***LIMIT 12345678910 UNIT(S) PER CUSTOMER PER DAY***

    Strain: Myakka Native (Sativa)

  • Size: 3.5g (1/8oz)
  • Our greenhouse flower is grown using a process that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a more cost-effective flower product.


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Myakka Native is a mildly sedative, Sativa-leaning strain provides the perfect combination of slight euphoria and the ability to focus. It’s a good way to manage stress and anxiety while still feeling active enough to enjoy a short hike or a brisk walk.

Sativa strains are generally believed to be uplifting and energizing, with more cerebral effects than physical. Most people will experience an elevated mood, with a boost of creative and social energy. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Flower allows you to experience the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis in a more traditional form. Our flower is carefully crafted and monitored from seed to sale, so we can ensure that only the highest quality products reach the shelves.

THC and CBD potency may vary.

What’s Florida Dep?

“Dep” is short for “light deprivation”, which means the flower is grown in a greenhouse that optimizes the sun’s natural light cycles.

Additional Info

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The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 0.5g, 1 times per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 7 total doses per unit.
30 day = $128.57 | 50 day = $214.29 | 70 day = $300.00

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Total Rating

1 year ago

Great earthy undertones with a smooth mellow effect. Great product

2 years ago

I really enjoyed this strain. The limonene profile stands out and gives great mental relief from anxiety. My only complaint is that the THC content is fairly low so there is not much of a psychoactive effect (I go through it pretty fast). My preferred method of consumption is smoking flower but I’ll definitely be trying concentrated versions of this strain in the future.

2 years ago

LOVE the staff at the Key West Surterra. Julia does a WONDERFUL job with her staff. I just wish they had a better variety of flower like Trulieve.

2 years ago

The flavor of Florida. Mellow hitting and love the terp profile. Really like this in 1 ml vape for keeping MS symptoms in check. All the new vape products so far have also been good and selection makes this the only dispensary I have to use for medications I require. Thank you. Oh, please get more Myakka Native in 1ml size.

2 years ago

Definitely a great Sativa. Great mood enhancer, focused, talkative without the over hyperactive effect. Head experience more so than a body high or heavy sensation. Great for anxiety and depression personally. Clean fresh taste without the ‘pinesol’ taste some terpenes can give off. Not something I would have thought to grab or not the terpenes I normally am drawn too but definitely a good find.

2 years ago

Great mood enhancer. If you are in a bad funk, this is what you need! Take a puff and wait 5 minutes.

2 years ago

I appreciate the focus and alertness this brings on. Also has the ‘energizing’ quality for me, similar to Jack Herer. I find this all cerebral, less the lack of stress in my shoulders. Zero anxiety but not so heavy to stop reaction and response. If you appreciate a vape, you will be most plesantly surprised with the quality of the MN carts by Surterra.