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“The Little Black Book of Marijuana” by Steve Elliott

"The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis" by Steve Elliot

Let’s be real, not everyone here is an avid bookworm. Some of us may dread the idea of reading a book cover-to-cover, while many of us simply don’t have the time. That’s why we’re starting off the summer reading list with something easy, convenient and practical: “The Little Black Book of Marijuana” by Steve Elliott. You can use it to reference facts on-the-fly, read a brief history of cannabis legalization while waiting for your lunch order, or delight your friends with spontaneous cannabis-infused snack recipes.

The scope of information and range of opinions about cannabis can be daunting, especially if you’re just starting to learn. This book gets right to the point. The content is in-depth without being overwhelming. The chapters are brief but packed with detailed research and historical facts. Keywords and clarifications — like “Legalization vs. Decriminalization” — are highlighted off to the side of the main text and defined for quick clarity, while many of the drier facts and statistics are balanced with witty quotes.

Ever wondered how to grow cannabis? Turn to page 59. Elliott covers the basics to get you started and points out the joy of growing cannabis purely for the sake of connecting to nature.
Find yourself in the middle of a “should marijuana be legalized?” debate? That’s the title of Chapter 3. Elliott covers both sides of the argument and offers a history of how marijuana became illegal in the first place.

The best part about “The Little Black Book of Marijuana,” and the reason it was chosen to be first on the reading list, is that it’s small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. If you support cannabis legalization and want to advocate for its many benefits, you can use this book as a quick reference to legitimate, well-researched facts and studies. If you’re more the activist type, the book includes a page of contact information for major organizations working to legalize cannabis, including the Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project.

As you work your way through the rest of our summer reading list, keep “The Little Black Book of Marijuana” in your pocket as an easy reference guide to the wild and wonderful world of cannabis.