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Vaping 101

Tips for the Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Vape

April 4, 2024

Vaping is easy, it’s discrete, and it can feel way easier on your lungs. But between all the carts, batts, blinkers, terpene types, and more, the details of vaping can seem a little cloudy. Sometimes your vape gives you a little trouble, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to blow it off! Let’s take a quick look at the basics so you can vape worry-free.

Deep Breath In...

Know Thy Batt, Know Thy Cart

It’s tempting to get right to vaping, but always read the instructions on your battery and your cartridge! Different batteries have different voltage and heat settings that can affect not only the life of your vape cart, but the quality and flavor of your vaporized cannabis as well. So know your batt’s settings and what temp the oil in your cart likes best.

Quick tip: Live Rosin Vapes do best with a battery set to around 2.6v, no higher than 2.8v. Lower voltage means you’ll get a better terpene flavor and won’t risk burning the oil.

Easy Does It

510 Variable Power Battery

It’s best to start low and go slow. Use a 510 variable power battery (like this one from Float) on the lowest setting and give it a try. Press the button for a few seconds and take a gentle pull. If you need a little more heat to get a good hit, turn it up a little and try again. You’ll find the sweet spot.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Some people who vape are cloud chasers, trying to do tricks or get those huge puffs. But not all vapes are good for blowing enough smoke to make Willie Nelson proud. It’s important to know which vapes can handle the heat required for that much vapor.

Quick tip: Distillate vapes can withstand slightly higher temps, so if you’re looking for a cloud, set your battery to a higher voltage when you’re vaping distillate.

Stash It Smart

Store your vapes upright. This way, the air bubble in your cannabis oil won’t creep into the aperture (the hole where your oil meets the heating element of your battery). This will help your cart last its full life and prevent damage to your batt.

The Golden Rule

Remember this above all: don’t leave your vape in your car! The great thing about vapes is how portable they are, but the heat inside your car is sure to damage your vape quickly. You could lose oil, cause damage, and end up with a sticky mess and a broken batt. So take it with you!

Quick tip: don’t forget to power down your battery before you slip it in your pocket. You don’t want to be wasting hits and overheating your cart by accidentally bumping that button.

How Do I Choose?

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to vaping. From live rosin to cannabis-derived terps and distillate, it can be tough to tell where to start. Let’s take a look at what some of these terms actually mean.

Live Rosin

Live Rosin Vapes start as premium indoor flower, sourced from a single strain, that’s harvested & frozen at its peak (that’s what makes it “live”). That flower goes through a complex solventless extraction process to create Live Rosin, which is then is slowly heated until it reaches a water-like consistency and encapsulated in a gas-tight vessel for decarboxylation. Finally, that liquid gold is poured into a cutting-edge ceramic core cartridge for a pristinely potent vaping experience.

Distillate Oil

This is probably the most common & popular type of vape cart. Distillate is a pure, high-potency, isolated THC oil. It’s made by taking premium plant material through a distillation process. Extracted oil is heated until it vaporizes, then those vapors are condensed in them into a translucent, viscous product. Finally, like adding a cherry to a sundae, both cannabis-derived and botanical-derived terpenes are reintroduced to the oil to enhance the distillate’s flavor and effects.

Cannabis-Derived Terps vs Botanical-Derived Terps

First, let’s talk terpenes. Terpenes (or “terps”) are compounds found in literally every plant on earth. They are what give flowers and grass their signature scents, or fruits and veggies their distinct flavors. Scientists now believe that terpenes may play a role in giving cannabis strains their unique medicinal effects.

CDT stands for Cannabis-Derived Terpenes. Just like it sounds, this uses an extraction process to pull terpenes directly from cannabis plants and put them back into a cannabis distillate. This provides a smooth and strain-specific vape that can really target unique medical effects.

BDT stands for Botanical-Derived Terpenes. In this process, terpenes are extracted from other plants (like lavender or citrus fruits) and added back into a cannabis distillate. This is how you can have a cannabis vape that tastes like watermelon or pineapple.

Choosing The Right Vape

Now that you’ve mastered the terminology, it should be easier to choose a vape. Here’s some of the best suggestions and how to tell which vape is best for you:

BDT Vape

Float Botanical Vapes

These vapes – made with cannabis distillate and botanical-derived terps – have a high THC potency, but you won’t taste the cannabis as much of the distinct flavor profile. You can use a Float Variable Power Battery at levels 2 and 3 on this cart to get yourself some medium to large size clouds.

Keep your pulls slow and steady for under five seconds, and give it a 30 second rest after three hits. It’s like having a joint in your pocket whenever you need it!

CDT Vape

Float Full Spectrum Vapes

These distillate vapes are made with cannabis-derived terps, which means you’re getting the full spectrum of cannabinoids here. You’ll get a more natural flavor with a softer hit, plus a high THC potency.  

Pair it up with a Float Variable Power Battery and you can use all three of the heat settings. That means this lil’ guy can get you some BIG clouds at high heat. It’s a sturdy little cart that gives you a strong, dab-like high.

Galileo Live Rosin Vape

Galileo Live Rosin Vapes

Remember our premium Live Rosin we talked about above? Here it is in all its glory. This concentrate was made without any solvents, giving a pure, smooth, and elegant vaping experience. All the cannabis compounds come together in an entourage effect to give you a full flavor profile and a wide array of medicinal benefits.

Live Rosin is delicate and graceful. It doesn’t need a lot of heat to do what it does best. Experts (that’s us) recommend using a variable battery set to 2.6v with your Live Rosin Vape Carts. Take it easy and give your batt a 30 second cooldown. It’s a sure way to a delightful, effective high.

...And Exhale

Now you’re a master of vaporizing cannabis. You should have no trouble finding the cart and battery combo that’s right for you. You should be able to take great care of both to ensure that they have a long life and don’t give you any trouble. But as always, you can ask your guide for help at any time.

Happy vaping!

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