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Building Trust Through Testing and Cultivation Safety

The importance of third-party testing and accurate product analysis

At Surterra Wellness, we set the bar for industry safety standards.  That includes making sure our products are tested in three areas: pesticides, potency and microbiologicals. Third-party testing certifies our cannabis hasn’t taken on any residual toxins from the air or soil, and ensures our product ingredients are as safe as possible. Strain formulations and terpene profiles are also tested, so that we can continue to give you the consistent products you seek on your path to wellness.

Organic cultivation practices for a healthier you

We optimize conditions for the cultivation of cannabis by monitoring and calculating every aspect of our plants’ growth. Rather than using pesticides, we focus on proactive techniques that keep our plants protected from harmful pests.  This eliminates the need for unhealthy chemicals during the cultivation process. By maintaining our organic growing methods, we can provide patients all of nature’s power with none of the harmful side effects of harsh chemicals.

See your product's Results
Follow these simple steps to download the third-party product test results:

  1. Locate batch number label on the side of each bottle.
  2. Enter batch number into the search field and click ‘View Results’.
Batch Number: