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5-Pack Transdermal Patches







These steady-release transdermal cannabis patches provide consistent, reliable dosing of naturally-derived, therapeutic cannabinoids over an extended period of time. Surterra Wellness Transdermal Patches showcase a slow-release formula that is activated with 20+mg of cannabinoids per patch. They come in a variety of CBD:THC ratios to provide you with optimal results. The 5-Patch Set contains one patch from each of our lines.

Dosing & Usage

Cannabinoid Content

CBD 0 mg

THC 0 mg

20 mg (THC & CBD)

Standard Daily Use

Standard Daily Use (SDU) is suggested 1 total patch. Based upon the SDU, each patch represents a 1-day supply. Your recommended dosage may vary significantly– please consult with your physician for proper dosage.

State Registry Pricing Guide

The prices below are based on Standard Daily Use (SDU) which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SDU works best for your condition.

30 Day
50 Day
70 Day

How to use this product

  • 1

    Tear open pouch and remove patch.

  • 2

    Apply patch, containing 20+ mg of cannabinoids, to skin. For best results, apply to clean, veinous area.

  • 3

    A steady flow of medication will slowly enter the blood stream at the application point.

  • 4

    Cannabinoids will penetrate the central nervous system directly from the blood stream, providing effective relief.

Onset Time: 45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Duration: 8 hours - 12 hours


Total Rating

6 months ago

Tried these after my recent car accident, and to try an alternative to smoking/ vaping, I had double zen as they were out of the soothe patch. They work like a bengay or tiger balm patch… or for me they did. I’d recommend placing on the hurting location if possible. Gets tingly and works through out the day, be prepared to want to eat a lot, and Relief patch was the strongest but just right for my discomfort.