Sherbert (Drift) – Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge





Full Spectrum Vape Cartridges are strain-based and feature cannabis-derived terpenes, so you’re getting an experience that harnesses the full power of the plant.

Drift is our line of indica-leaning products and strains. Most people will experience a sedative effect, with an allover relaxation in the body and mind.

Sherbert, an Indica-leaning hybrid, has intoxicating and potent effects. It can help provide full body relaxation with an elevating jolt of cerebral energy. It may help uplift your mood and alleviate stress, tension and anxiety.

Cartridges are sized for 510 thread batteries. THC and CBD potency may vary.

The prices below are based on a Suggested Starting Dose of 10mg per day, which may not be the same for all patients. Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what SSD works best for your condition. Based on SSD there are 100 total doses per unit.

30 day = $48 | 50 day = $79 | 70 day = $111


Total Rating

3 weeks ago

This is certainly a quality product and could be great for someone with nausea or appetite problems

1 month ago

I have tried all 4 strains and Sherbert is your best bet all around (currently on my 3rd purchase of this cart). If you price it out, these carts are actually a better value than other places offering similar. Full Spectrum is where it’s at, especially with the Float battery. Has lowest setting I have seen to give nice, long, inhale, like a pipe, without burning the back of your throat. I could go on, but need to get back to my pen. 🙂

1 month ago

I’ve tried it all from everywhere this is one of the best carts best full spectrum best tasting vapes out there .. LoVE iT !!!!

2 months ago

Best vape I’ve tried. It’s worth the money for sure.

3 months ago

This is by far one of my favorites. It never disappoints!

3 months ago

Wow this clearly the best vape cart… the relief was phenomenal! A bit pricey but well worth it! Great product Surterra

3 months ago

At first I was a bit skeptical about paying $95 for a 1 gram vape cart, but I have to say that it is 100% worth that price. I have tried various other vaporizers, none of them even compare to this. It is a heavy indica cart that is great for anxiety, pain relief, and relaxation. The flavor is completely identical to smoking some of the Float sherbet flower, I am very pleased with this product.